“And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.”

– Matthew 6:12

Yesterday, I shared the story of David and Saul and how the Bible teaches us that there is good fruit that comes from forgiving others. Even those who have hurt us deeply can be forgiven. It is possible to forgive your parents, your spouse, or your ex-partner. You can forgive your children, grandchildren, co-workers, or your former boss who fired you unfairly. I know it’s hard to forgive people who have wronged you. It’s a process that we work on, and sometimes it takes years. But, will you begin this process today?

The Lord’s Prayer teaches us that we are forgiven of our offenses as we forgive those who have offended us. Often, we say trespasses or debts, but scholars believe offenses is the right word. It’s interesting that Jesus included forgiving those who are offensive in the Lord’s Prayer. There seems to be a trend in society today where people are taking pride in feeling offended and celebrating those who are offended. At the end of the day, even though we call out evil and bad things, we should pursue Jesus’ heart, which is to forgive those who offend us. I promise if you do this, you’re going to feel better and happier. You’re going to be more forgiving of other people, and you’re going to have a better life.

Friend, it has always been human nature for people to be offended. In my own life, I have been forgiven many times by many people. Even as a Christian, I’m thankful that God has put merciful people in my life despite my ungodly words and actions. I encourage you to choose the process of forgiveness in your life. You have received the gift of forgiveness and you can freely give forgiveness to others as well!


Father, I need your help to not take pride in being offended. Please help me to forgive others.


Can you forgive people who have offended you? How does it make you feel?

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