“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.”

– Proverbs 29:25

For the next few days, I want to address some specific things that we tend to be afraid of and highlight how we can overcome them by focusing on faith. Interestingly, any time an angel appears to someone in the Bible to tell them that something really big is about to happen, they nearly always begin with the phrase “Fear Not!” I firmly believe this is because whenever the Lord is about to commence His greatest work in our lives, we will be attacked by an onslaught of fear. If the devil can keep us immobilized in uncertainty, he can prevent the Lord’s glory from being seen in and through us. That said, the first and most powerful source of fear we must learn to overcome is that of man. In society’s current state, there’s a charged climate wherein people are all too anxious to attack those with whom they don’t agree, and this makes taking a stand particularly challenging. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that we don’t cease stepping out in faith and standing up for goodness. Our Savior set the example as One who was despised and rejected by man, and because He knew that it was more dangerous to live loved by everyone than to seize His mission, He walked on. Scripture promises that we will be insulted and persecuted for doing the right thing, but we can follow in the ways of our Heavenly Father and surrender the fear of people in order to inherit something lasting and far greater — eternal peace in our hearts.

My friend, don’t be afraid of those who hate you without cause; instead, look at their reaction as a sign that you’re doing something right. While it’s a narrow road that leads to abundant life, you are equipped to stay the course because you are held securely in Christ’s arms, and His presence is your constant source of strength. Because He accepts you just as you are, you can freely surrender the need to please everyone and focus on living for His glory alone. As you do this, you will become a wellspring of hope and stability to those who have lost their way, and your commitment to truth will point many to the wonderful love of your Savior. 


Jesus, I ask you to deliver me from the fear of man so I can stand boldly for the values of your Kingdom.


Do you struggle with the fear of man?


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