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From Hannah’s Heart: God is Faithful

I just love the goodness and faithfulness of our God. Because, while we will all have difficult moments in our lives, the truth we can always come back to is that God is faithful to His promise and we can trust Him.

In my family, we have a tradition that stirs up our faith before we go to God in prayer: We all share miracles of what He has done in our lives. Then, when we begin to pray, we remember what He’s already done and approach Him in faith, knowing that we can trust Him in all things!

We remember miracles like when Bobby began losing his hearing and my mom went before God in prayer. The next day, he was healed!

Now, I realize not all prayers are seemingly answered that fast, but it’s so important to keep praying. God is faithful. He still does miracles. Matthew 19:26 says that with God all things are possible. So as you go to God in prayer, don’t hesitate to pray big prayers, prayers that seem impossible. He wants to bring Heaven down to earth in and through you!

I hope this encourages you today; God loves you and so do I!


4 thoughts on “From Hannah’s Heart: God is Faithful

  1. Stuart P. Durkee says:

    Thank you for your blessed word Miss Hannah! I love you and Pastor Bobby and your children and ALL of The Hour Of Power Family….I have been a faithful follower of The Hour Of Power since Bobby’s Grandfather was up in The Pulpit! Stay Strong and Blessed!

  2. Miriam says:

    Your daily devotions and Sunday services are always so encouraging.

  3. Kay Ostrom says:

    This IS encouraging. The lives of you, Bobby, Cohen and Haven as you share them, encourages me at age 75 !! I think your tradition of sharing some miracle you have known in your life before your family prayer tis something I want to do at
    Thanksgiving this year. It is a beautiful, affirming action we can take to remind ourselves of God’s mysterious personal goodness to each of us. Thank you, Hannah. Special prayers for improved health for your dear little boy. Thanksgiving
    prayers for the well being of each of you–especially for your generously sharing your lives to teach in your rather huge “classroom” what you are learning daily from the Teacher of us all.

    1. Gingy K says:

      We give thanks to God for all our blessings.

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