“And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever—the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.”

– John 14:16,17

A new Christian said to me, “I don’t understand this Holy Spirit thing.” So I explained what I believe occurs, and I have shared this before. Whenever you confess Christ as your Savior, God puts a “pilot light” inside of you that never goes out and is always there! You know what a pilot light is, it’s in your fireplace or your stove. It’s a little blue, almost invisible light that provides the flame needed to light the gas. At times you need a flashlight to find it, but it’s always there. It’s always in us, so harness its energy! All that’s needed is to turn the gas on — just turn on your faith! 

When Jesus was preparing his disciples for his departure, they heard him say He’s going away, but He’s sending them His spirit. It’s the Holy Spirit, the advocate, and God’s power that’s going to come upon them. With the Holy Spirit, you wake up with a fire in your heart and start your day with passion. The Holy Spirit gives you the ability to see obstacles that stand before you, not as something that’s in the way, but as something that is the way.  

Friend, today Jesus encourages you to stop worrying about getting into Heaven, and start focusing on getting Heaven into you. We receive Heaven by being filled with the Holy Spirit. Whenever you are about to face something big or small, ask the Holy Spirit to be with you. You have to stir up the spirit within you, and you’ll see the power that comes from that!


Father, I ask for the Holy Spirit to be with me daily.


In what ways has the Holy Spirit helped you to see and overcome obstacles?

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11 Responses

  1. What a Powerful Minute to start your day!

    Align yourself with the Holy Spirit to Power your way through the challenges of the day.

  2. I love the thought that God has put a pilot light, the Holy Spirit, in me. The Holy Spirit is not IN the way but IS the way! Just one letter makes all the difference.

  3. I need the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life all the time as my coach for all my decisions.
    Whether big or small every decisions are life changing. We take the wrong one and we have to make a correction. It takes time and sometimes we have to start all over again ounce we have they are made.
    Why not ask for advice from our ultimate coach the Holy Spirit and avoid waisting time so we can live a full life.

  4. That was made so clear and I will ask the Holy Spirit to remind me of that response when I meet someone who needs an explanation. Thank you thank you.

  5. I have at times in my thoughts questioning what, who, or how the Trinity came to be. In prayer which one, Father-Son-HolySpirit, should I pray to? What is the Holy Spirit, spirit of light, spirit of power, spirit of faith…. Now I focus on the Holy Spirit as the Light of Christ. Holy Spirit Light of Christ help me with whatever circumstances I am present with today.
    Thank you Bobby for sharing your thoughts concerning this Light!

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