Get Serious and Take Action

“You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did.“

– James 2:22

As we conclude our series on God encouraging you to bloom right where you are, the seventh way to accomplish this is to get serious and take action. There is a concept known as the “knowing-doing gap.” It describes the gap between knowledge and action. You study, study, study, and feel like you’ve achieved something, but you don’t do anything. You know by studying and gathering your arsenal you’ve accomplished something, but you didn’t “fire the shot.” Now is the time to take action and get serious!  

I consider the serious nature of life even though I am a joyful person who enjoys laughing and having fun. At times it may seem like a fog wants to invade your life and obstruct your progress but take action now and don’t give in to it. Make a connection between what you want and what you’re doing. You can buy the book, find the friend, join the church, call someone or write that letter. Get started and keep going until it blooms! Trust the Lord and stay committed to the knowledge He’s given you; refuse to give up and you will begin to bear ample fruit right where you’re planted. 

Friend, I have enjoyed sharing the seven ways to bloom right where you are: 1) Grow as much as you can; 2) Don’t curse what you have; 3) Learn how things are; 4) Don’t waste your life; 5) See opportunity over calamity; 6) Get the right people around you; and last but not least, 7) Get serious and take action! God has a great purpose for your life and you can partner with the Holy Spirit to empower you along your journey. You can grow anywhere if the Lord is there!


Father, give me everything I need to bear fruit.


What can you do to make connections between your goals and your actions?

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