“Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?”

– James 3:11

Throughout the next several days, I will continue to share insights and wisdom from my trip to Israel. Last week, I focused on faith in Capernaum. Today, I’m reflecting on my time in the city of Masada. We traveled from Capernaum in the northern point to the southern tip of the Dead Sea in Masada. I saw the whole region below as I stood on a watch tower. It was hard not to think of all the amazing things that had happened here over the last 2000 years, from King David to Herod and the Essenes. 

As I moved from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea, I thought of a rabbinic reflection I once heard comparing the Dead Sea to the Sea of Galilee. Namely, that one is alive and the other is dead. The Sea of Galilee is a body of water that has water flowing in and out and receives life because what comes in also goes out. In contrast, the Dead Sea only receives and doesn’t produce anything. It was said by wise teachers that if all you do is consume knowledge, study the scripture, train, learn, and grow, but nothing comes out of you, you become dead inside.

Friend, as I saw the Dead Sea, I recognized it as one of the most beautiful places on earth. You can go in and cover yourself with mud, wash it off, and your skin feels renewed. But there’s not a living thing in the Dead Sea and it’s actually shrinking and dying. My point is that if all you do is take, take, take and never give, give, give, you become dead on the inside, like the Dead Sea. By sharing the good things God pours into your life with others, you and I can be life-giving like the Sea of Galilee!


Father, help me share the good you have poured into my life.


As a life-giver, how has God’s blessing returned to you?

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