Give Up Credit, Even if It’s Due

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

– Colossians 3:23

Harry Truman once said, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.” And though this statement wasn’t made specifically in the context of ministry, it pretty much encapsulates how Jesus led. Rather than managing His reputation, our Lord spent all of His time pouring into others. In fact, the bulk of His energy was invested in a motley crew of twelve disciples who came from all walks of life and were as diverse as they could be. Though there were large crowds of people who followed Him, He didn’t seem to care about having their adoration. On the contrary, He preferred sitting down with His closest friends and working through the issues of faith with them. He welcomed their honest inquiries, and He was a master at using the experiences of daily living to teach them eternal truths. Because He knew that the coming of His Kingdom would depend on their participation, He spent the bulk of His time imparting divine wisdom to a select few and entrusted them to “carry the torch” after He returned to Heaven. Likewise, today, we do well to surrender our personal agendas and focus instead on devoting ourselves to the people He places in our path. As we forfeit our desire to “make our mark” on the world and give attention to guiding, listening to, and sharing our experiences with others, we gain something much greater than our own glory — the chance to live on for generations through those we impact.

My friend, if you want to lead like Jesus, become a friend and mentor to as many as possible. In Christ, you’ve been given an abundance of spiritual treasure, and He invites you to follow His example and liberally invest it in the lives of the people. Whether it’s volunteering with children, offering wisdom to a high school or college student, befriending a young married couple, or advising someone just starting out in business, the world changes when you make connecting with His beloved your most important business. Your story matters, and while sharing it might not lead to fame and fortune, it can make an eternal difference in countless lives!


Jesus, teach me to surrender my own ambition every day so I can invest in others.


What do you learn from studying how and with whom Jesus spent His time?

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  1. All of us can learn a lot from him.If we follow his example and put whoever is more important as the top priority.Our World needs mentors. Men and Women who can teach young people to use whatever gifts and talents they have. Whether it’s volunteering as a tutor to a child who has trouble with a specific subject such as math spelling or something else. Sharing the gift of music by either playing a instrument in a orchestra or band or by singing in a choir. Helping out in a hospital by bringing meals to the patients in their rooms and correspondence from friends and family.Watching a young and eager athlete compete for medals in the Olympics
    If more and more people were like that.We wouldn’t have to worry about all kinds of violent crimes such as arson. burglary murder and sexual assault.I hope and pray that the Hour of Power will continue its mission of reaching out to all around the world with its positive and uplifting messages of God. To the Schuller family. I send to them my warmest greetings for good health and happiness. To all at Shepherd’s Grove good tidings. To the musicians and choir along with their directors much appreciation and thanks for the glorious music and singing.To Sarah Grandpre and the Voices of Hope Children’s Choir. Blessings for continued good health.As always I remain a faithful viewer and Happy and Wholesome Student in Jesus Christ. May God bless everyone and the United States of America.PS I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.Amen Alleliua. God is great and highly praised.

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