God Can Turn it Around

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

– Genesis 50:20

No matter what struggles you’re going through right now, God can turn it around for your good if you keep going. Earlier this week, we heard Winston Churchill say, “If you’re going through hell, keep going!” To keep going isn’t natural for humans when they’re facing adversity. Why do we stop when we’re in the worst situations? When faced with trauma, shock, or anguish, why do we freeze up? 

It’s been said that when there’s a fire in a building, 80% of us will freeze up, 10% will freak out, and the other 10% will remain calm and lead the others to safety. It is important for us to develop that part of our brain that allows us to move forward. That part of our psyche that wants to freeze up when we’re going through the fire shouldn’t be allowed to win. What does going through the fire look like? When you’re staring at a blank document or facing a canvas that needs a painting, but you can’t get started. It’s a conflict or a breakup. It is a dream that you have been putting off, and never start. It’s the need to get help, to cry out, or to confess, but you won’t. 

Friend, we serve a God of hope! The only way to break the fortifications of hell is to take action. Become serious about your dreams and your purpose. Don’t be afraid to get serious about what you’re called to do. It’s your life and God can help you take action now. Do not freeze if you are going through the fire. If you’re facing challenges, keep going. Your hardships can be turned around for your good with the help of God! 


Father, in the midst of my struggles, help me to avoid freezing up.


Through your hardships, have you allowed God to help you?

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