“He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.”

– Daniel 2:21

Well, here in the United States, today is election day. While I know you may be reading this in another part of the world, for Americans, this has been a particularly taxing political race. While nearly all of us are concerned about who our next leader will be, I want to offer us a word of reassurance — God is sovereign, and He only does good. He ordains kings and princes, and He offers us hundreds of reasons to hold onto our hope. While it’s easy to catastrophize these days and to make everything black and white, it’s important to maintain faith in the Lord’s good plan and to remember that He alone is immovable. To that end, just for a moment, I want to speak to my American brothers and sisters. I believe we need to renew our belief in each other and to remember that our nation is not a race, but an ideal — we’re a people defined by ingenuity, creativity, equality, liberty and hard work. The ideas of democracy and republicanism upon which we’re founded are Biblical, for they represent the truth that every man, woman, and child is entitled to get up in the morning and make of the world what they will. This is one of the greatest visions that has ever blessed humanity, and our continued dedication to it will carry us through the coming days, just like it has in the past. 

My friend, your Savior is sovereign and He holds each era of time and history in His hands. Regardless of how uncertain or unstable things appear, He is watching over every nation and people, and He is working through your faith to bring hope to others in this unsettling time. He is a solid Rock, and He invites you to plant your feet in His steadfast love and hold tightly to Him as the future unfolds. He is with you and for you, and He will never let you go! 


Sovereign Jesus, thank you that you know the beginning from the end and that nothing can change or alter your good plan.


How can you renew your faith in God’s overarching sovereignty today?


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