God Loves Behind the Mask

“Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.”

– Psalm 139:7,8

We all wear masks, don’t we? Honestly, I’m not the person who’s going to condemn you for wearing a mask; in fact, I believe it’s a practice that’s required of us sometimes. If you’re a doctor, you wear a physical mask to protect you from germs, but you wear a white coat and a calm demeanor to present the image that you know what you’re doing; your wardrobe and behavior make a statement about your competence. Interestingly, you can’t typically be both professional and vulnerable at the same time.

I always like to think about some high-powered attorney or judge who lives in New York, is driven around in an expensive car, and wears the nicest suits. When he walks into a courtroom, there is immediate respect that comes from his position and the image he projects. When he enters a building, people stand at attention and guide him to the special elevator that takes him to the top floor. He’s used to the red carpet treatment that his position demands. However, this all changes when he goes home. When he enters the house he grew up in, respect goes out the window as his mom comes over and starts kissing him on the cheek in a way that’s nice and annoying! Before too long, this big shot attorney is in the backyard cleaning up poop, picking up trash, and getting a noogy from his brother. You see, this is what happens when he comes home and the mask comes off.

Friend, this is also how we should be when we come home to the Lord. While masks have their role in the world, we need to have a time when we take them off and allow our full selves to be seen and known, and there is no better or safer place to do that than with Jesus! Your Heavenly Father really doesn’t care about external appearances or accomplishments — He cares about you! He loves you just as you are, without your achievements, trophies and titles, and that is the good news of the Gospel of grace! The power of God’s enduring, penetrating, and unconditional love accepts you right here, right now!


Thank you, Jesus, for loving what’s behind my mask. I receive your unconditional grace that has nothing to do with my titles or accomplishments.


When and where do you take off your mask? Do you trust God to see you fully and still love you perfectly?

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