“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

– Exodus 14:14

One of the most commonly used names for God in the Bible is Yahweh Tsebaoth, which literally means “Lord of Armies,” “Lord of Soldiers,” or “Lord of War.” In fact, this interesting depiction of our Heavenly Father is used over 250 times in the Scriptures, and yet very few people are familiar with it. This is because Bible translators have often inserted their own theology and made it “Lord of Hosts.” Even though most people don’t know what a host is (other than someone who entertains people in their home), they do it because they’re reluctant to connect God with something as ugly as war. However, this becomes less of a concern when we understand the context. When Yahweh speaks of being the “Lord of Armies,” He’s actually referring to a spiritual battle. He wants us to see that life is a fight, and that it’s worth fighting for. As long as we’re living and moving on this planet, there will be a war raging for our hearts, minds, and spirits, and we must shift our paradigm to acknowledge this truth. Even though we may encounter trial after trial, it’s crucial to hold fast and not give up. In fact, when we’re under attack, it often means that we’re getting closer to our divinely-orchestrated breakthrough!

My friend, Jesus’ banner of love covers you, and though the forces of darkness are raging, the God of Armies is fighting on your behalf. While it’s tempting to command your own battle, He’s not asking you to win — He’s simply asking you not to lose. When you maintain your stance and refuse to give up, He will take care of every foe that assails you. As you abide in His presence and submit your struggles to Him, He will do more than you can ask for or imagine to bring you to a place of exceedingly great triumph.


Jesus, thank you for being the God of Armies who fights on my behalf each day.


As a Christian, do you live with the understanding that you are in a spiritual battle? If so, how does it help you to make sense of the difficulties in your life?

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  1. The lord of armies the supreme commander in chief. “Chief of army staff” has sovereign power to command to the subordinate to go
    Forward. The subordinates obey without question. The enemy trembles . The ultimate glory of the war is to the “ chief of staff”. In certain case the president is the “commander in chief”. Therefore, every glory and authority is belonged to the Lord God. “ the Lord of Host”. Or “Lord of armies”. This is my understanding.

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