““You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.”

– Psalm 77:14

God doesn’t just heal bodies, He heals hearts and He heals minds. God performs miracles. I have seen so many miracles and it doesn’t even say that in the Bible. It’s modernism that rejects miracles. We want everything to be scientific. God does miracles all the time. And though we don’t always get it the way we want it and when we want it, do not lose your faith in believing God can give you your miracle today.


Thank you, God, for your healing. Thank you for the miracles that you are performing, right here and now.


Do you believe God will give you your miracle?

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  1. God performed a miracle for me yesterday March 1.2019. I had been in the hospital for inflammation and lesions in my brain. I was discharged and sent to a neurologist. I redid my MRI and was told I had new lesions and that it was presenting itself like MS. (Multiple sclerosis- a progressive chronic disabiliting disease) myself and my family were devastated, i had anxiety like you couldn’t imagine and i just could not control my emotions, crying all the time. But i prayed and prayed and although i felt like crawling into a ball in the corner of a room i promised i wouldn’t give up my faith whether i had the disease or not it is Gods will. There is a team of MS specialist in Miami that are highly recognized but very difficult to get an appointment with, that through another miracle I got an appointment for the following week through a professor of mine who works for the hospital where the specialist is.Anxious and scared I went to my appointment March 1,2019. When the specialist opened my MRI she was quick to tell me that it was ADEM (an acute disorder that causes similar manifestations as MS but is usually a one time thing) my self my mom, dad, and the doctor started crying right there in her office. God has a way of showing himself at the right moments He will never give you what you can’t handle and He will always do everything for the greater good. I am to repeat an MRI in 3-5 months and follow up with the specialist in August. I am more than optimistic that God will heal me completely from head to toe. He is good He is powerful. And as I read in a blessed book my grandmother gave me, God conquers, God saves, and God is my refuge.

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