“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.”

– 1 Corinthians 1:27

Yesterday we talked about the idea of sheep in wolves’ clothing and that not everyone who does great things in the Kingdom of God looks the way we expect them to. Today, I will expand further on that thought with a reminder that you don’t have to be perfect or healed for Jesus to use you. I really want you to understand and internalize the freedom in this important truth!

Many people who are born again and get involved in a church quickly become aware of how “messed up” they are. While this is not a bad thing and Jesus does want us to grow up and become more like Him, it’s imperative to remember that God loves, accepts, and even uses us in our imperfection; once we have received Him, it’s a done deal. If we all had to be fully healed before ministering to others, the Kingdom of God wouldn’t grow at all because no one would be able to do anything! We saw this truth play out powerfully in our family in the healing of Hannah’s dad, who had one leg that was much shorter than the other. Through the years, many people had prayed for him to be healed. In fact, it came to the point where he was almost weary of it because of the frequency with which it happened. Sometimes the ones praying over him would pace back and forth, sometimes they would shake or pull on his leg, and sometimes they would shout and scream, but it never made a difference. Then one day, he was at a gathering with a guy named Tom Moe, who was a wonderful man, but was kind of overweight and loved to smoke cigarettes. In fact, Tom would start preaching and then light up and begin smoking at the same time. At this event, as he was puffing, he literally called Richard (Hannah’s dad) out and said, “I feel like someone here has one leg that is shorter than the other and I’m supposed to pray for them.” My father-in-law wasn’t expecting much at that point, but as soon as Tom touched his leg, it came out and grew! He didn’t pray an elaborate prayer, he just spoke some simple words and Richard was healed.  

Friend, like Tom Moe, you don’t have to be completely refined and delivered for God to use you; all you need is simple faith! Forget theatrics and quit striving to be super-spiritual — simply allow the Holy Spirit to flow through your imperfect life. You are a vessel of Jesus’ power and He wants to use you today, just as you are. He is pleased with you, He delights in you, and He loves you more than you can even imagine! What wonderful news!


I ask, Jesus, that you would use me today, in spite of my flaws and imperfections. Fill my heart with simple faith and give me the courage to put it into action.


How has God used you in spite of your rough edges and flaws? How has this increased your faith?

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  1. He uses me as an example of how people who have a physical or mental disability are more than capable of becoming good role models and teachers. There are so many important lessons to be learned.For example. I look back in time to the talent
    competition at the 1995 Miss America Pageant.And this beautiful Lady from Alabama
    Heather Whitestone who is profoundly deaf,but with the aid of a device implanted into her ear enabled her to perform a lyrical ballet en pointe.It was to a moving rendition of a hymn Via Dolorosa(aThe way of the cross) by Sandy Patti. She felt the vibrations of the music through the movements of her feet and hands. It was her own way of giving glory and praise to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.I pray that many more people would become better attuned to what they were born with.I hope that Pastor Bobby Schuller and his family continue to enjoy good health for the rest
    of their lives.May God bless them.As always I remain your faithful viewer of The Hour of Power and Happy and Wholesome Student in Jesus Christ

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