God Wants You To Ask For More

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,”

– Ephesians 3:20

Have you ever asked God for something that appears to be small and received very little from Him? I’m asking you to expand your thinking today and encouraging you to think about what God wants you to ask for. God wants you to ask for more! It is God’s desire for you to have more from life, more from Him, from your day, and from your year.

A funny story that helps illustrate this point is about a pro golfer who was invited to go golfing with a Saudi Arabian prince, who was a big fan. They golfed together for three days on an immaculate course with delicious food, making the whole experience unique and amazing for this pro golfer. As they headed back to the jet, the Saudi Prince said, “I had such an amazing time, I want to give you a gift to commemorate this experience.” The golfer wanted nothing in return, but due to the prince’s urging, he said he collects golf clubs, so he’d accept that. After waiting several weeks for his golf clubs, he received a certified letter. When he opened the envelope, he found a title deed for a golf club — an entire golf course!

Friend, it is God’s desire for you to have more, as long as you remain on the right path. Don’t be afraid to ask for more! Ask for more this week and more from your day, and you’ll be glad you did! In the scriptures, I have never read that someone asked God for something, and He said to ask for less or said that not all things are possible. God is here to help you cultivate your big dreams and your big visions!


Father, I need your help to cultivate my big dreams and visions.


Are you afraid to ask for more in life? How can you improve in this area?

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