God Will Expand Your World

“I have no need of a bull from your stall or of goats from your pens, for every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.”

– Psalm 50:9,10

Yesterday we learned about how we as human beings are minds above all else and we talked about how the way we think about God has the power to totally transform us and the world around us. Today, I want to share another aspect of our thinking that can either empower or stifle us — how we perceive ourselves.

I believe that self-obsession is a major problem in the world today. Now, I want to be careful here because I’m not talking about a kind of overly pious religiosity that says that you shouldn’t have a self at all — I fully believe in self-care. However, I am convinced that death to self, although it sounds dark and scary, is the missing component of abundant life; it’s the thing that keeps us from experiencing our best existence. If ever there was a time that we as people are enamored with ourselves, it’s now. From headlines to social media to movies, we are being taught to idealize everything that we don’t have, worship what we do have, and consequently ask questions like “Why can’t I have that?” or “What am I owed?” The problem with this mentality is that the more we focus on ourselves, the smaller our world gets. While well-meaning people say things like, “The answer lies within you,” the reality is that nothing could be farther from the truth! The more you focus on yourself, the more you are eaten up by self-destructive narcissism that will freeze your life and stifle your potential!

Friend, your life matters! In fact, it matters more to God than it does to you, so I encourage you to open up your mind and allow Him to expand your world. The One who created the whole universe knows you, loves you, and wants to use you to make Himself more real to others. As you look to Him and away from yourself, you will experience life so abundant that you won’t be able to contain it — it will naturally pour into the lives of others, blessing them too! The King who owns the cattle on a thousand hills cares for you, and He invites you to rest fully in His sufficiency. Isn’t that great news?


I pray for your help, Jesus, as I take my eyes off of myself and lift them up to you. Please expand my world and give me abundant life in your fullness and sufficiency.


Do you find yourself getting self-obsessed? If so, how can you shift your focus and attention to Jesus?

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