God’s Debt-Forgiveness Plan

“Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you.”

– Acts 13:38

Let’s talk about your heavenly portfolio and your treasures. Shall we look at your “account” and see what you have? Recently, we discussed heavenly treasures such as knowledge, skills, goodwill, peace, and leadership abilities. Be encouraged that it is always possible to improve your heavenly portfolio through God-given techniques and dispositions. God views our treasures from His perspective, regardless of how we see it. I just want to clarify one thing in evaluating ourselves — let’s start at zero. In personal or financial investing, so many people are in debt today. Many have student loan debt in the hundreds of thousands, a $20,000 car loan, or a large mortgage. Did you know that God has a debt forgiveness plan for you?

Many of us owe heavenly debts. We have sins, bad will, and bad faith. We also lied and tricked people, treated our children and grandchildren badly, treated our spouse with contempt, or condemned a former business partner. In the past, we have done things we regret and we’ve all made mistakes. However, God has the power to delete those records and destroy those files! On the cross, He accomplished this. We’re going to start at zero by realizing death, sickness, and sin all died on the cross, too. A clean slate is available to you and that is good news!

Friend, receive and grasp the refreshing news that you are truly forgiven. Embrace God’s debt forgiveness plan for your life! As you continue to enlarge your heavenly portfolio, your finances, physical health, family, and your walk with God will never be the same. Stay connected over the next few days as we unlock additional heavenly treasures!


Father, it gives me great comfort to know that I am truly forgiven by you.


Do you truly believe you have a clean slate at your disposal? What can this do for you in terms of expanding your heavenly portfolio?

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One Response

  1. Dear Bobby…
    The day before this came to my mailbox, I discovered mail theft from my rural mailbox and the subsequent making of counterfeit checks used then to pay a junk removal company in a town nearby. The criminal had stolen the only item I had put out on Sunday night for Monday’s pick up, a check to pay club dues. The criminal then added a foreign name to my account, along with a phone number. She then contracted with the junk removal company to clear out a rental house. The man asked her name. She gave him the foreign name (of Israeli origin) and then he asked whose signature that was (mine but forged). She said, “Oh, that’s my mother-in-law!” He took the deposit check and then the final payment to the bank for verification. The checks were cleared and deposited. In the meanwhile, I contacted the bank’s fraud unit and then called the name of the payee to advise him that the checks were counterfeit. He was very surprised as she had given him a real “sob story” about needing to bring her aging father to this house to live and to get well. He felt sorry for her so gave her a considerable discount on the job out of the goodness of his heart. Then, I asked more about this story. When he told me I was her mother-in-law, I really laughed hard because I’ve never had the good fortune to be married, let alone have a son! I could see it now–I go to the door and she comes out. I say, “Oh, Galina, I am so happy to see you, darling!” She says, “Who are you…? I say, “Galina, Galina–don’t you know me? I’m your mother-in-law!”

    Many phone calls to the fraud department, the police department, and all other agencies to be involved later, my last step is to speak with the fraud department one more time. The young woman, clearly a veteran at investigating such crimes, assures me all the funds will be restored and the claim resolved shortly. I tell her then that the morning after the crime, while I was still up late working on all the paperwork and such involved and your devotional dinged in, which I paused to read, the title just stopped me in my tracks: ” God’s Debt Forgiveness Plan” and that I roared in laughter first and then thanked God for such a plan and immediately asked Him to forgive the criminal who has such a need for debt relief–and for taking away mine immediately, of course! The fraud investigator just howled and said, “Oh! I have to remember this one and tell it to the staff tomorrow!”

    So now, we also pray for those who feel they have no other way to make a living than to steal from hard-working people who do not live in an affluent area and from those who are retired with little to spare when it comes to paying their utility bills and meeting other such day-to-day needs. In my case, I had paid all of my bills earlier, but the junk removal man and an auto insurance agent did not get their earnings that day. I do not know how the thief or thieves found the name of the older woman from another city, but I hope God took good care of her, as He had me by putting just the right people in my path at all hours of the day and night.

    I just thought this might make you laugh at the irony of the situation, though this teaching is not intended to be taken lightly. Thank you again for sending these out “In the wee small hours of the morning, when the whole wide world is fast asleep…”
    And thank you always for finding ways to make your congregation smile and to enjoy a bit of laughter from time-to-time. I go back to the beginning with Grandpa Schuller, who I am sure is very, very proud of you and enjoying every sermon you prepare and give with such love, warmth, hope, and joy.

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