God’s Fantastic Favor

“Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.”

– Psalm 5:12

How do you feel when you hear the word favor? Though it can sometimes be a hard concept for Christians to grasp, the truth is that we are all objects of such great affection that our Heavenly Father calls us His favorite. In fact, in the Bible, the words grace and favor are used interchangeably, and in English, any time you see one, it’s safe to replace it with the other. This means that when we read that we are saved by “grace” through faith, we can also say that we are saved by “favor” through faith. In other words, God had His eye on us, reached down, built a bridge to Himself through Jesus’ blood, and saved us because we are objects of His compassion and safe-keeping. While it can be difficult to accept that we, as the Lord’s children, are intimately known and cared for, once we believe that truth and let it take root in our hearts, it should be a source of great comfort. To understand the way our Savior feels about us, it can be helpful to think of our own experience with those we love and cherish the most. For example, as a dad, when I watch my daughter play soccer, though I enjoy the game as a whole, I primarily focus on her. I watch her every move, root especially for her, and pay close attention to her nuances and expressions. In other words, my primary aim is to let her know that she is seen, supported, and cared for. Likewise, because of His infinite capacity to love, the Lord has His eye on each of us, and He intently looks at and faithfully cheers us on, as if we are His one and only. 

My friend, you are the object of God’s fantastic favor! He delights in watching you, in wrapping His arms around you, and in shielding you from needless peril. While you will unquestionably endure troubles and hardships in this world, you can find comfort in knowing that the Lord of Heaven and earth will never take His eye off of you. He is looking at you with deep love and complete compassion which, when internalized, will empower you to move forward with unwavering confidence in His good plan. Your Savior will never stop cheering you on, and every day, He will surprise you with blessings that bear witness to His powerful presence in your midst!


Jesus, thank you for your favor. Help me to believe in it, to expect it, and to give you all the glory as it’s revealed in my life.


How have you seen God’s favor in your life?


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