God’s Glory is Declared Through Creation

“For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”

– Romans 8:19

Did you know that it is human nature to believe in God? According to a recent Pew study, 90% of Americans believe in God. However, I’m prepared to guess that everyone in the jungles of Africa, for example, believes in Him. Children, too, believe in Him until they’re taught otherwise. This is because our natural state is one of belief; it is hardwired into us to look around in amazement and recognize that there must be a Creator of all the beauty we experience with our senses. The world is full of the Lord’s glory; I believe we see it all around us all of the time, and science is continuously discovering new aspects of creation’s wonder. Albert Einstein’s discovery that all matter is energy was one of the most important discoveries of the twentieth century. According to another scientist, all matter is frozen light. So if you imagine the tiniest atom and pretend that you’re holding it in your hand, even though you can’t see it or feel it, you can split it open and see tons of power flowing from it. Even though it’s only one little molecule, it’s packed with life and energy.

Friend, I believe you have an intrinsic desire to learn about God’s kindness! You were created to live in an ever-deepening connection with the One who made you, just as Jesus stated, “Knock and the door will be opened, seek and you will find…” He freely reveals Himself to those who do not have a stony heart. Please, don’t let your desire for sinful things suffocate and silence the voice of Jesus. He is eager to communicate with you, both via His creation and by the power of His Holy Spirit at work in your heart. You are His child, and He delights in getting to know you and introducing Himself to you! Isn’t it wonderful news?


Jesus, thank you for making yourself known to me through creation. I’d like to get to know you, and I’m delighted that you’d like to get to know me as well.


When you look at God’s creation, what do you learn about Him? What is He saying to you today through it?

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  1. I think the most important thing that he has to say is what all of us can do to protect our planet. We need to make sure that the air we breathe is clean, the water we drink is pure. The food we eat is free of contaminants. All this global warming is causing worldwide problems.,such as dangerous heatwaves,deadly insect infestations,massive wildfires.bitter cold waves. tropical cyclones and horrible drought conditions across Africa. All of our resources are in danger of being depleted. We need to take action now, In order that the next generation is able to enjoy the beauty of what our planet has to offer them. I hope and pray that the Hour
    of Power continues its mission of spreading the good news of God and his healing messages to all around the world. To all at Shepherd’s Grove at Irvine Presbyterian Church. I send greetings. To the Schuller family. I ask in prayer that God will bless them with abundant and excellent health for many more years to come.To the musicians and choir. Heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the beautiful music and singing.As always I remain a faithful viewer and Happy and Wholesome Student in Jesus Christ.The heavens are telling the Glory of God. And all creation is shouting for joy.Come dance in the forest.Come play in the field. And sing sing. To the Glory of The Lord. Amen. May God bless the United States of America

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