God’s Presence in a Prison

“Some time later, the cupbearer and the baker of the king of Egypt offended their master, the king of Egypt. Pharaoh was angry with his two officials, the chief cupbearer and the chief baker, and put them in custody in the house of the captain of the guard, in the same prison where Joseph was confined. The captain of the guard assigned them to Joseph, and he attended them. After they had been in custody for some time, each of the two men—the cupbearer and the baker of the king of Egypt, who were being held in prison—had a dream the same night, and each dream had a meaning of its own.”

– Genesis 40:1-5

Yesterday, we looked at how Joseph repeatedly endured hardship and unjust persecution, even while trying to do everything right! After Potiphar’s wife accused him of raping her, he was sent to prison, and in just a matter of hours, he went from having many creature comforts to being in chains! Not only was he rejected by his brothers, sold into slavery and betrayed by Potiphar’s wife, but then he sat and rotted away in prison for several years. Thankfully during that time, he met two of Pharaoh’s officials, his cupbearer and his baker, who both happened to have dreams on the same night. 

Since God was always with Joseph, he was able to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh’s officials, and he told the cupbearer that he would soon be restored to his position. Joseph’s one request of him was that when he got back to the Kingdom, he didn’t forget the kindness he had shown by interpreting his dream. Unfortunately, human nature kicked in and once the cupbearer returned to his everyday routine, he totally forgot about Joseph — that is until the king had a dream of his own!

Several years went by and Pharaoh had a dream that troubled him so much that he summoned everyone in his court seeking an explanation. At that point, the cupbearer’s memory was triggered and he remembered Joseph, who was still sitting in jail. Upon being summoned, God’s servant was able to interpret the king’s dream. After many delays, he began to see the fulfillment of his own dream; the one he had when he was seventeen! 

Friend, even if you are locked in a physical or emotional prison cell (either by the hand of another or of your own making), God has not forgotten you! The dream He planted in your heart will come to pass, because His call on your life is irrevocable. Every circumstance you have endured to this moment is part of His plan to do exceedingly abundant things in and through your life. Take heart, beloved child of God, and know that when He turns the page, things will change. No weapon formed against you will prosper because Jesus has gone before you on the path of life. Even if you can’t see it, He is leading you forward to the good things He has prepared for you! Isn’t that great news?


Thank you, Jesus, that you are with me in the physical, emotional, and spiritual prison cells of life. I trust you to bring your dream to pass through every trial I endure.


Have you ever been in a physical or emotional prison? How did God work in and through those circumstances to reveal your destiny?

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