“I am coming to you now, but I say these things while I am still in the world, so that they may have the full measure of my joy within them.”

– John 17:13

In the next several Positive Minutes, we will explore how to weave the important threads of experiencing God’s joy, into the fabric of our lives. Did you know that joy is a part of God’s promise to us? It’s in the Bible. It’s a part of the promise of our new life in Christ, and it’s not just something we get when we go to Heaven. It’s actually something that you get when Heaven goes into you. This means that joy is there when the Holy Spirit dwells inside our hearts and bodies, even if we’re going through personal turmoil and trials. 

When we experience God’s joy but fall into adversity there is something inside us that says Jesus has already won this battle. God can take this and He can work through this challenge. I once heard a saying and have adopted it: “I will do my best and forget the rest.” We can trust our life’s journey to the Lord, who will give us the peaceful heart to have lightheartedness, smile again, and experience joy. 

Friend, the kind of joy that God promises us is real joy! It’s the kind of joy that you have when you cheer for your favorite team or when you spend time with good friends. It’s the blessing you encounter when something great happens in your life. This is God’s promise of joy! It’s God’s goodness that causes us to laugh and smile, and this is what’s made available to us.


Father, show me how to experience real joy, even in times of turmoil and trials. I trust my life’s journey to you. Thank you for giving me peace.


Did you know that joy was a promise God has for you? How has God blessed you with joy? Did you feel peace in your heart?

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