God’s Robust Goodness

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”

– Psalm 34:8

One of the interesting things that has emerged from the quarantined life is the opportunity — or necessity depending on our view — to eat in our own homes. For those who enjoy cooking (or are married to someone who does), the sudden requirement to dine at our own table may be a blessing; however, for the ones who would prefer not to spend time in the kitchen, it feels like a burden and frozen or pre-prepared meals have become a go-to option. If you’re wondering what on earth this has to do with a devotion, let me explain. Any of us who have eaten microwaved food know that it doesn’t taste very good nor is it super-nutritious, but it’s fast. On the other hand, when we sit down to a home-cooked meal, the flavors are rich, we get more nutrients, and it tastes better — but it takes time and energy to make it happen. Similarly, Jesus is not a microwave kind of God. He doesn’t promise a quick-fix or a fast road that is free from bumps and detours. He does, however, provide everything that we need as we welcome the process of healing and seek to become strong and mature disciples who rely fully on Him for their sustenance.

My friend, as you find yourself in the midst of a unique time that offers you the opportunity to go deeper in personal growth and in faith, I encourage you to embrace it. Though it may require moments invested in reading, soul-searching, prayer, and reflection, healing from the inside-out so you can become the best and most faith-filled version of yourself is worth the effort. Building your life upon the solid Rock of Jesus Christ doesn’t happen overnight, but the spiritual food you receive as you seek Him with all of your heart makes the process worth the pain. As you devote yourself to going deep with your Savior, you will taste and see His robust goodness and be nourished by His unshakable and never-ending love.


Jesus, I want to taste the full extent of your goodness, so help me to go deep knowing that the process will be worth the initial pain.


Does the effort you invest in your relationship with God reflect a microwave dinner or a home-cooked meal?


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