“…and the people all tried to touch him, because power was coming from him and healing them all.”

– Luke 6:19

Recently, our son Cohen had a series of seizures and it was a very difficult time for Hannah and I, to say the least. We tried all the emergency procedures, but the attacks wouldn’t stop. We had to call 911 and have him transported to Children’s Hospital of Orange County. It turned out to be a long couple of days for our family. I understand and can empathize with what it’s like to go through trials, and I thought about how I used to pray. I used to pray, “Lord, please, please, let us out of this hospital.” But I have a new philosophy. I don’t pray that way anymore, because I know God’s will and power.  

With this belief, my new approach is that I pray Cohen comes in line with God’s word, be well, and be healed. That’s how the disciples prayed and praised God. Being disciples of Jesus, they witnessed the will and power of God through healing. When Paul saw a man who couldn’t walk, he said, “Stand upright on your feet,” and he did. And when Jesus saw that His best friend had died, He didn’t say, “Lord, please, please, please.” What did He say? “Lazarus, come forth.” This is a better way to pray! 

Friend, I thank God our son is doing better! You don’t need to ask God to prepare the road for you. Ask God to prepare you for the road. Ask God to give you the spiritual power to overcome challenges. We can ask God to create through our prayers what He intended from the beginning — to do more incredible things than even Jesus did. That’s what He’s called YOU to do!


Father, help me to trust your will and your power to heal and bring deliverance and freedom to those in bondage.


Have you prayed in line with God’s word? In what area do you need the power of God to overcome a challenge?

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  1. Pray for daughter, she needs, expecting God of the 11th hour for her situation. Gallbladder polyps. In Jesus name Amen

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