Gratitude: Shame’s Nemesis

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

– 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Shame destroys. Nothing tears us down like feeling as if we need to apologize for our own existence, and when we are constantly embarrassed about any part of our lives, including our imperfect bodies, we have fallen into its grip. 

You see, looking in the mirror and saying nasty things to yourself is never going to make life better; the only thing that will bring true and lasting change is gratitude. I haven’t known a person who was genuinely grateful and unhappy at the same time; in fact, it’s almost as if the two cannot coexist, kind of like oil and water. This is why I believe there is power in dwelling not what’s been lost, but on what’s left. Even if you have an injury or struggle with a chronic condition, train your mind to focus on the things you can do, and your outlook will begin to change. Release the temptation to curse and shame your flesh, and train your mind to see the things it is still capable of. For instance, if you got out of bed this morning, put your feet on the floor, and stood up, thank the Lord for that ability — it’s something that not everyone can do. If you opened your eyes and looked at the ceiling as you laid on your pillow, give Him praise for that — some people can’t see it. 

Friend, by focusing on what you can do instead of what you can’t, you are set free from the trap of shame and self-pity. When you’re kind to your body and treat it with respect for all that it actually does for you, you will see an improvement, not only in your health, but in your overall quality of life. There is power in being positive, and shame has no greater nemesis than gratitude, so cultivate thankfulness and you will be different. Isn’t that great news? 


I rebuke the power of shame in my life, Jesus, and I ask for a heart that overflows with gratitude for your many gifts, including my body.


What can you thank God for today as it concerns your body?

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  1. OH THANK YOU for the “accept your body as it is” series of inspirational emails! I’m a really positive believer but I have struggled with severe arthritis, all over, with surgeries, and was really mourning my youth until I read these and started counting my blessings even more. You have been a VERY great blessing to me and although I am still very gimpy, I can indeed get out of bed and keep going.

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