Great Things Are Coming

“For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.”

– Psalm 100:5

So you are not what you do, but you will do great things. This is so important because, very often, the reason we don’t do great things is that we have our identity rooted in what we do. It is only at the point that our identity is rooted in the belovedness of God, that we get all the freedom, joy and fresh vision we need to do amazing things. You know what separates great artists from the rest? The artists that have the freedom to make the art they want to make. The thing that makes great leaders great is the freedom to make the right decisions, despite what people will think of them. What makes people great is giving up their identity and what they do so that they can do great things for God, despite what it will say about their reputation. So let go. Let go what people say about you. Let go of your reputation. Let go of all those things that you think matter so much. Let go of everything and fix your eyes on Him and take a step out of the boat in faith. All right? Then watch as God does great things in your life. He’s already doing great things, but He’s going to do even more.


God, help me to place my identity solely in you. Give me the freedom to do your work.


Do you believe that you are going to do great things with God?

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9 Responses

  1. I am challenged to be a light for my grandchildren in a difficult situation with my daughter-in-law. She does not believe in discipline, proper dress for there girls, and proper manners. These are all affecting kids attitudes and home atmosphere. Fortunately, a door is opening for the 5 yr old & we’re talking about God & Jesus. Please pray that my beloved daughter-in-law’s heart will be opened so that God can share himself with her and change these things to improve & protect family integrity & strengthen their walk with our faithful Lord. Thank you for your wonderful devotionals. Your grandfather was part of our lives!

  2. What an absolutely fantastic representative for the Lord you are Bobby – you could be our grandson – such wisdom for one so young – you are what we and others need right now – just a charismatic as was your beloved grandfather – we have watched the Hour of Power since day one, and haven’t missed one broadcast, as we dvr if gone – keep on keeping on – we had our children watch H of P on Sunday mornings, years ago, before Sunday School – they’re 44 and 45 now – you have the exact right message for the world – love your humor, catches us off-guard, but adds to all your messages, makes you human – the human experience – your stories about growing up are great – our friend, and his wife, in Canada, a retired minister, also, watches, before church, every Sunday – bless your precious family – prayers for all of you and especially the little one with health issues – you have changed our minds about Communion and forgiveness of sins – we are former Lutherans – you are such a powerful speaker, and are influencing the world with your ministry – thank you –

  3. Thank you for that word. We will be watching Hour of Power at 8:00 PM here in central Illinois. God bless you.

  4. PLEASE put me on your daily email to receive the POSITIVE MINUTES! I have requested this repeatedly but to no avail…..I AM NOT RECEIVING THEM.


  5. Dear Pastor Shuller,
    My wife and I have been watching your sermons every Sunday and want you to know that you are truly being used by our Lord.
    Your personality and the joy that fills your words are full of wisdom and joy. Since my wife is bedridden we are so thankful that we can hear a word from God by watching you on TV.
    Keep walking your walk because whatever you face in your life is bearing sweet fruit!

    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family and may your road before you be blessed!

  6. Ive been wanting to post my testimony on YouTube and starting a channel to tell people how God can help them with the same struggles. But, i was concerned about what my family memebers would feel if i posted the things that happened to me during my childhood and hiw my wife would see me if she new all my struggles. Your message gave me the answer to my prayer and the courage to move forward with it.
    Thanks Bobby

  7. Hi Pastor Schuller. I have loved watching you on your channel here in Templeton CA. Your sermons’ and guests on your service have really been inspiring. I believe in what we do we always need to include our Lord. I have recently joined Toastmasters speakeasy. I made my first speech and it went well with humor my speech I wanted to mention about my faith in my life. I did not however, I mentioned I went to youth groups and church. David Jerimiah mentioned we write about our life and our turning to the Lord as witnessing to our family and friends. I am so thankful for your services. I watch you on my laptop. I just went to Netflix for watching movies, episodes of favorite shows,
    I am saving money for a another bill I have hearing aids. Do we ever think we will need them, wait awhile as you grow older. Ha, that is a joke on us. Haha. I will continue to listen to you. I loved your sermon on washing feet and being high maintenance. I love it. My daughter after a trip from back east. brought her foot spa out and helped with my nails. I had hurt in my feet from being in airport walking. It was so meaningful to me .Thank you for your faithfulness to this ministry and to Hannah. I pray right now for you little ones. Children are our true blessings. Love you and Hannah. Jane Osborne

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