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Growing Together: A Visual History, and What’s to Come

In 1955, Garden Grove Community Church held its first service at the Orange Drive-in Theater.

In 1961, Garden Grove Community Church held a first of its kind service in a new location — a walk in / drive sanctuary in Garden Grove (now known as Crystal Cathedral’s Arboretum).

In 1970, Hour of Power was born with Dr. Robert Schuller’s mission to reach millions who couldn’t attend church. Arvella Schuller served as the program’s executive producer.

In 1975, the Arboretum was overflowing with church congregants, so Dr. Schuller begins to execute his dream of building a new sanctuary on the property.

In 1979, after overcoming many contracting challenges, the Crystal Cathedral held its ground-breaking ceremony.

In 1990, Bobby Schuller made his first appearance on Hour of Power, singing “I Never Touched a Rainbow” as a 10-year-old.

In 2000, Bobby Schuller is interviewed on Hour of Power for the first time by his dad Robert A. Schuller.

In 2007, Bobby preaches his first sermon called “Light of the World” on Hour of Power.

In 2008, Hour of Power celebrated its 2000th episode at the Crystal Cathedral.

In 2013, the Crystal Cathedral and Tree of Life Community Church merged to become Shepherd’s Grove with Lead Pastor Bobby Schuller.

In 2017, we celebrated our 2500th episode of Hour of Power at Shepherd’s Grove.

Today, we continue our mission of sharing God’s love and dignity in the fifteen feet of space around us … and around the world!

This year, in 2018, Shepherd’s Grove is hoping to move to Irvine, CA!

As a ministry, we’re used to change. As you can see, there’s been a lot of it! However, there have also been a lot of victories, love, but most importantly, growth.

We’re so grateful for where we started, and we’re thrilled to see what’s to come for us. And with that, we are excited to announce that we are moving forward with discussions to move to Irvine Presbyterian Church (IPC) in Irvine, CA. As many of you have heard, the rent on our Shepherd’s Grove campus has increased. So over the last year, we have been praying for an opportunity to move, but more than that, to find a church that would like to partner with us. And God provided.

IPC has a congregation of Godly and loving people in need of a pastor. We are hopeful as we continue to move towards an official agreement to partner with and move into IPC in the near future. We love their church, and we are so excited to see what God will do with our combined ministry!

Through all the seasons of change, God has remained steadfast. You have also remained steadfast. Your faithful and loyal support has enabled this ministry to not only survive but to thrive. We are reaching people with the love of God in the fifteen feet of space around us. We can’t wait to continue that reach to the people in Irvine, and of course, the people around the globe through Hour of Power.

Good things are coming, and we can’t thank you enough for making them possible!

7 thoughts on “Growing Together: A Visual History, and What’s to Come

  1. I can fully understand the change to the new church. With the decline of church attendance this little church will be much needed. I watch your broadcast on tv every Sunday..Being a seniors on a fixed income I am not always able to donate as much as I would like to. God bless you and be with you all thru this move and always for the future endeavors.

  2. karen ackerman says:

    always uplifting to hear the sermons and testimony of people

  3. Anne higgins says:

    I watch you on a Sunday morning I live in scotland I was brought up roman catholic but stopped going to chapel after I got married , but I understand your religion better as it’s more positive and very uplifting thankyou for all the hard work you do

  4. Bobby , YOU are doing a great job and know your Grand Dad is so proud of you also . My mom lived by your positive each week . I admire you for your love and dedication to the Hour of Power. I wish you all the success in the world with your new beautiful location . With Gods speed and on your side how can you not be a HUGH success !
    Peace and Love Bro! M J

  5. Sally Myers says:

    I try to stay awake to watch you on Saturday nights and try to be near my computer on Sunday afternoons to watch that service. I don’t have any of the on-demand set ups and hope some day to get back to watching at a more set time. Keep up the good work Bobby. Your grandfather would be proud of you.

  6. Penny Nixon , Portland, OR says:

    Hi I’m a member of your televised church family. My mother and I worshiped with your grandfather, your father and now with you since the 1970s. By the way, you’re doing great. God bless you and the church family. I give what I can every month and always have. I wish you all continued blessings.

  7. Joseph A. warner says:

    Bobby, we record Houe of a Power on Sat. Nights and I get to watch you on Sunday morning as I’m eating breakfast and preparing for church. Your grandfather was a great inspiration to my ministry and now you are too. For fifty four years I have been thrilled to serve the Lord as a Presbyterian Minister. In these years I have served only three congregations. In 1990, using principles I learned from seminars for Successful Church Leadership we founded The Royal Palm Presbyterian Church (an Independent congregation) in Lake Worth, Florida. Now, once you get moved…pray about reviving Successful Church Leadership conferences. I used to give “discouraged pastors” scholarships so they could afford to attend! May the Lord bless you. You are high on my prayer list! Incidentally, the pulpit robe brings a dignity to worship …you looked great in the traditional role of pastor-teacher. Cordially, Dr. Joe Warner

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