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Guest Preacher: John Ortberg

We had the great pleasure of having Pastor John Ortberg share the message with us as our honored guest. John is an exceptional pastor, speaker, and author, and serves as senior pastor for Menlo Church. His latest work is entitled “Eternity is Now in Session,” from which he shared his thoughts on the immediate presence of Heaven for believers here on earth.

Bobby Schuller has shared numerous times in his own messages the thoughts and phrasings of this brilliant man of God, and it was a treat to have him with us in person. God loves you, John, and so do we!

You can visit for more information about John and his books.

4 thoughts on “Guest Preacher: John Ortberg

  1. Barbara Schmidt says:

    This was excellent and very insightful to watch again. I hope you post it on YouTube so I can watch it again and share it my family and friends. I have been saying to myself when stressed “thy kingdom come thy will be done” and it helps me let go of the fear and frustration of my health & financial issues; Thank you for inviting him to your church. If I didn’t have vision problems I would check out his book. PTL I can still listen to the message yesterday.

  2. Regis Williams says:

    Hello, I saw this sermon by John Ortberg on television in Perth, Western Australia and I was blown away. I’d like to show this to my friends and family but am having difficulty finding the podcast. Help.

    I get up every Sunday at 5:30am to watch the Bobby Schuler hour of Power and I feel so enriched and happy. It’s like my food for the week. So awesome. The

    1. Megan Ewbank says:

      Hi Regis!

      We are so glad that John’s message resonated with you so well! The podcast and video can be accessed here:

  3. Aaron says:

    I love John! “Whos is this man? is one of my favorite books. i definitely recommend it.

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