Harness Possibility Thinking

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’ ”

– Matthew 19:26

Our discussion yesterday about Jesus’ resurrection of Lazarus helped us see the limitless opportunities that exist in this world. We can embrace what Jesus said as true — all things are possible for your life! Today we live in a world where miracles abound for those who believe. Here’s a good saying: I don’t need to understand everything to realize anything is possible. There is no need for me to understand all the math, all the metaphysics, or the science of quarks. I know that all things are possible in God’s big universe. And I know the more we study it, the bigger, more interesting, and cooler it becomes!

My grandpa, Dr. Schuller, coined the term “Possibility Thinking.” When I was a child, I used to think he taught positive thinking because I was too busy running around with my cousins in the concourse during his sermons. After I became an adult and was mentored by him, I realized he didn’t really talk much about positive thinking; it was Possibility Thinking. The idea of positive thinking is a little pollyannaish, focusing only on the positive. Yes, it has its redeeming qualities, but the way he framed it was you see the good and the bad, and you try to focus on the positive. But here’s what you really focus on: You fall in love with everything that is possible and grow that seed into victory in your life.

Friend, the opposite side of the coin was Dr. Schuller’s contempt for the word impossible. According to him, impossible is such an irresponsible word. Cast it out of your realm of thinking. Let’s focus on Possibility Thinking and falling in love with what’s possible, maybe not probable, but possible. And with this kind of thinking, it can open up a whole new world!


Father, I firmly believe that with you, all things are possible.


In what ways can you focus on recognizing what is possible?

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  1. I so loved Bobby’s grandfather, Dr Schuller. Possibility thinking is needed today like never before. The power to change resides with each person who owns it. No mega church or politician can change us from the inside out. But Jesus can! And then anything is possible! I’ve lived it; I’ve experienced it; I know it’s true!

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