Harness Possibility Thinking

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’ ”

– Matthew 19:26

Our discussion yesterday about Jesus’ resurrection of Lazarus helped us see the limitless opportunities that exist in this world. We can embrace what Jesus said as true — all things are possible for your life! Today we live in a world where miracles abound for those who believe. Here’s a good saying: I don’t need to understand everything to realize anything is possible. There is no need for me to understand all the math, all the metaphysics, or the science of quarks. I know that all things are possible in God’s big universe. And I know the more we study it, the bigger, more interesting, and cooler it becomes!

My grandpa, Dr. Schuller, coined the term “Possibility Thinking.” When I was a child, I used to think he taught positive thinking because I was too busy running around with my cousins in the concourse during his sermons. After I became an adult and was mentored by him, I realized he didn’t really talk much about positive thinking; it was Possibility Thinking. The idea of positive thinking is a little pollyannaish, focusing only on the positive. Yes, it has its redeeming qualities, but the way he framed it was you see the good and the bad, and you try to focus on the positive. But here’s what you really focus on: You fall in love with everything that is possible and grow that seed into victory in your life.

Friend, the opposite side of the coin was Dr. Schuller’s contempt for the word impossible. According to him, impossible is such an irresponsible word. Cast it out of your realm of thinking. Let’s focus on Possibility Thinking and falling in love with what’s possible, maybe not probable, but possible. And with this kind of thinking, it can open up a whole new world!


Father, I firmly believe that with you, all things are possible.


In what ways can you focus on recognizing what is possible?

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20 Responses

  1. I so loved Bobby’s grandfather, Dr Schuller. Possibility thinking is needed today like never before. The power to change resides with each person who owns it. No mega church or politician can change us from the inside out. But Jesus can! And then anything is possible! I’ve lived it; I’ve experienced it; I know it’s true!

  2. Amen. This is the hardest thing for me to do. I’ve had a negative mindset for so long now that I have a tendency to slip back to it. I’ve waited nine years to receive my kingdom mate and the ministry for the Lord. I still work in the vineyards. But, my dream is to be a Pastoral Counselor. It has brought me to depression and a lack of hope. I remember your grandfather speaking about possibility thinking ❤️. It’s still relevant today.

  3. I love this term. “Possibility thinking” I am soon to turn 62, am a nurse, and recently made a decision to turn my life upside down to help my daughter. Only, my daughter did not keep her end of the plan. So at this stage in my life, I am raising my grandchildren 16 & 7. Trying to restart my career, and just feeling overwhelmed. I look back at life and know that if not for……then I wouldn’t have…… i can see how God has worked step by step. I am trusting that now through this new season that his possibility will become my reality in his time.
    Blessings all

  4. A wonderful Devotional. Thank you.
    My answer to the reflection question “In what ways can you focus on recognizing what is possible?” would be, start by not limiting God to the things of the Past. Recognise His full creative capability and alow Him to fill our journy with wonder and amazment. The past is only a reflection of the limits that were placed on it. we can Let Go and Let God. Amen.

  5. I want to focus on possibility thinking and fall in love with what’s possible. And with this kind of thinking, I’ll be everything God has called me to be because “The me I see is the me I’ll be.” Blessings to everyone who reads this.

  6. I always looked forward to Dr. Schuller’s messages of encouragement. It was encouraging and focused on possibilities.
    “Turn your impossible problems over to God and trust He has a solution, somehow, someway, someday.”
    “Believe in God’s miracle-working power to make all things possible.” Dr. Schuller

  7. Thank you so much for this message today ! My husband and I watch you every Saturday night and have been watching you since we got married in 2018 . We’re both born again Christian. Our lives and marriage have been blessed by your sermons . We put everything into daily practice. We love your sermons and we really appreciate how you give a new and fresh message weekly .
    Jen and mike

  8. Another great lesson from the grandson of and worthy successor to Dr. Robert H. Schuller whom we enjoyed and gained so much from for years., My wife and I never miss watching ‘The Hour if Power; abd encourage others to take advantage of these excellent church services

  9. When I was in high school, an old close friend/classmate wrote on my yearbook at the closing end,” Nothing is impossible! ” I remember at that time simply understanding that i should see everything that is always possible. I was young & naive:) Now I have become hearer of the Word of God & going through process being still & know God.. Everytime when i hear or read smtg like what B. Schuller talked abt his fathers emphasis on possibility, not positivity, I have looked back remembering this good friend.. He has become successful at work as well as being husband & father. Im not comparing myself to him though im not married or do not have children (physically).. I have understood what it really means to believe.. God is able not just God will do.. And believe also that nothing is impossible w/ God! So from small stepping stones to a big setback, I know that theres always chances out there;I just move on w/ hope & joy that theres so much more than what i see but God.. His plan, presence, and relationship w/me is so much worth than my process/experience/knowledge& etc.. So Im learning to see things in life openly w/His guide & continually hearing/reading His Word. Yes! Nothing Is Impossible!

  10. Thank You!
    I appreciate You, Bobby. I always enjoyed watching Your Grandfather on TV.
    I Miss him and his sermons.
    You do a Great Job and I know Your Grandfather would be proud of You!

  11. I was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed regarding being away on rotation and my teen being what felt like ungrateful as I work to provide and try to be generous I was experiencing doomsday thinking rather than focusing on the good in her, her potential and letting go and trusting God. As a single parent and having grown up in child welfare I still depend far to munch on my weak abilities. Thank you Pastor ☀️

  12. ts a prayer that say everyday in the morning, and everyday at night before I go to bed. ” Father, everything is possible to you! Thank you Father. I know that God is above all that is going on , on this earth. I am depending on Jesus. Some people try to make you feel as though ,what they do or have is important. I know that our Maker is above all the nonsense that humans belive is important. Thank you for your insight. Now I know I am on the same page. I love that story of the humming birds. You are never too old to learn. Thank you!!

  13. I loved Rev. Schueller’s sermons and books. I had the opportunity to hear his sermons several times. His words on Possibility Thinking has gotten me through many tough times during my years as a single parent and working three jobs to keep everything together for my family. Thank you for revisiting these words of wisdom.

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