“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

– Psalm 147:3

Don’t think that just because you’re wounded, sick, broken, divorced, your family is broken, or you have some sin in your life, that you can’t be a healer. You didn’t choose God, He chose you. Sometimes we receive healing through being a healing presence to others. It’s sometimes in forgiving others that we receive our forgiveness. Henri Nouwen called this “the wounded healer” The best doctors in the world are the ones who have been sick themselves because they know how it feels. The best counselors and the best pastors are the ones who have had to work through their own issues. I believe that the more wounded you are or the more wounded you’ve been, the more capable you are of being a healer. Don’t view your wounds or your sin as something that’s keeping you back from doing God’s will. The pain of those experiences is the very crucible that prepared you for this moment. God has forgiven your sin. He’s going to get you out of whatever your addiction is. He’s going to heal you and he’s going to do it for a greater purpose that you can be a wounded healer to others. You can be the place that people can come to and draw close to the real presence of God and perhaps touch the hem of your garment and receive the healing they’ve been praying for for years. Believe it in faith, in Jesus’ name, amen.


Thank you, God, for the challenges I face. I know that they will lead to healing. Help me endure and to keep my eyes on you. Then, help me to be a healing presence for others.


What challenges have you face that have helped you heal others?

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  1. Dear Pastor Bobby and Hanna,
    This is simply wonderful! Thank you both for sharing these words of comfort to all. In my former life, I turned from God and did what I wanted to do. Thought I’d share this wonderful moment with you…I had Lumbar fusion back surgery in Sept 2014 and by the second surgery(the next morning), I was in dire pain. All I could do was cry. Whatever meds they tried giving me didn’t help. Pastor Jeff, from my in- laws church came in that morning. I was lying in a fetal position and in agony. He started to pray for healing as I’m spilling out all my sins to God. I thought of Jesus and what He had gone through and cried out to Him. That day was like nothing I’ve felt before. That very evening, I was sleeping and at total peace. I felt the tingling going up and down my back, then I felt the heat. This was the Holy Spirit healing me!! I remember hardly even breathing but so much at peace. I thanked Him right away. Tim, my love of my life died that Christimas Day 2014 which was(and still is)agony all over again. My life has will never be the same but am more closer to God. He prepared my “new” life and has been there whenever I need him for anything. I have moved on to a different home,near by the woods and cardinals I hear daily. All of Gods beauty to see and hear! I minister to friends/family and strangers wherever. I’m so safe and heavily protected by the Lord Jesus,the Son of God. Thanks Be to God

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