Hearing the Voice of the Beloved

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

– John 10:27

I would like to talk about one of the most important aspects of living the life Christ offers us. Jesus makes it clear this is something every Christian should do, and that is hearing God’s voice. The voice of the Beloved — God is speaking to us right now, right where we are. 

God has a word for you today. That word might come through me, but more likely it will come directly to you, by Him. When we come across someone who hears God’s voice, many of us think of them as being special, a little strange, or super spiritual. But actually, they have an openness to the spirit. 

The truth is, God loves to talk to everybody. And when I say He loves to talk to everybody, I don’t mean just Christians. Yes, Christians ought to listen to God’s voice, but it’s interesting how often in the Bible God talks to people who are non-Christians or not in God’s family. 

  • The most stark example is Balaam, who is written about in the Torah. Balaam seems to be used by Israel’s enemies, yet he has this personal relationship with God where God talks to him.
  • Cornelius, who is probably a pagan, is a member of the Roman legion, but he’s turning his heart to God in some way. During this time, there are not really steps in place for becoming a Christian. In this account from Acts Chapter 10, he’s reaching out to God, and God starts to speak to him. 
  • Saul is an enemy of God and persecutes Christians. Acts Chapter 9 describes how God spoke to Saul on the road to Damascus and his life was changed forever. 

Friend, Jesus tells us plainly that every member of God’s family can and should hear God’s voice. We often think the best way to hear God’s voice is through the Bible. There is an old saying: The Bible is God’s word and as the Bible is read, God’s voice can be heard. The most advantageous way to understand a book is to get a commentary from its author. You see, the Holy Spirit is the best Bible teacher there is, and one of the most astute ways to read it is to listen to the spirit as you read. This is how we hear the voice of the Beloved.


Father, thank you for speaking to me; I want to hear your voice. Help me to listen to your spirit as I read your Word.


How do you hear God’s voice? Do you hear God’s voice as you read the Bible?

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  1. God reaches me in my prayer time when I am listening. But He is also speaking to me throughout the day. I’ve learned to be sensitive to that to nudge within me- it’s God! The more I am aware of God speaking to me the more I seek Him..It’s amazing to me how much God cares about me! Amazing Grace!

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