“In his defense Jesus said to them, ‘My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.'”

– John 5:17

As we talked about yesterday, non-work is not the ideal, but because of our cultural bent towards thinking that leisure is king, many of us in the church have come to believe that Heaven is going to be a place where we just sit around eternally and eat fro-yo, float on clouds, and fly. However, the truth is that there will be work for us to do there, too, and it will be the best kind of work. In the next part of eternity, we will have meaningful, life-giving assignments; the type that we were meant to know before the fall. In short, it will be avodah.

Many of us who think seriously about the afterlife have at one time or another feared that it might be boring. The good news is that because God is a God of purpose and we are made in His image, we will always have things to do! After we go to Heaven and then when Heaven comes back to earth under the reign of Christ, we’ll have buildings to build, songs to sing, paintings to paint, and many other important callings. Contrary to popular depictions, we will not become mindless amoebas, but will have work that is life-giving, just as it was intended to be before it was marred by sin.

Friend, you are made to have purpose, and that will not cease just because you lay down your physical body. Among the many blessings of being reborn in Jesus is that you have the opportunity to do things that matter for eternity! As you meditate on the wonder of Heaven, take delight in knowing that your Savior will lovingly approve as you carry out unique assignments that He designated for you before time began! Isn’t that a cool thought?


Jesus, teach me more about Heaven and excite my spirit as I contemplate the good works you have designated for me to do there.


How do you feel about working in Heaven? What about it encourages you and gives you hope?

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