“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

– Matthew 5:3

As Christians, we hear the word “blessed” a lot, but we tend to lose sight of its actual meaning. When we read things like “blessed are the poor in spirit,” we imagine that the term denotes goodness, righteousness, or holiness when in reality, it refers to something that seems far less spiritual. In Hebrew, the word most often translated “blessed” is asher, and in Greek, it’s makarios. Both of these can be defined as “happy,” and they infer that blessed people are living the good life. Unfortunately, long-faced religion has taught that true discipleship is not synonymous with happiness…yet perhaps this is because our view of the latter is inaccurate. When we think of being happy, we often associate it with worldly pleasures — stuff, sensuality, wealth, and achievement — rather than the state of deep contentment and satisfaction that come from living God’s way. While our human concept of happiness is based on doing and getting, the Lord’s is founded on being and obedience. When we are grounded in the certainty of our identity in Jesus and make His Word our final authority, we assume His easy rhythms of grace and naturally become more like Him. As He leads us down the narrow road, we don’t feel deprived or miserable, we feel full of power, full of peace, and full of an inexplicable joy that offers us the best and most abundant existence available!

My friend, you were created to be happy! While this doesn’t mean you won’t face hard things or endure prolonged seasons of grief, with the Lord, your spirit is always free to soar. Your joy is not dependent on what’s happening around you, so you can find peace in the midst of storms and experience the deep contentment that comes from knowing your Savior. As you keep your eyes fixed on Him, simple things will be enough to overwhelm you with happiness. No matter what happens, you are blessed, and you have an exceedingly great Heavenly inheritance whose fullness you can’t even begin to fathom. Dwell on that truth, find delight in the indescribable Gift of Jesus, and you will live the “good life” every day!


Jesus, teach me to embrace heavenly happiness that is grounded in you.


Are you happy in your Savior? Why or why not?

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