“When Jesus entered the temple courts, he began to drive out those who were selling.”

– Luke 19:45

We’ve been learning a lot about Jesus being our home and our soul being His home. Thus, knowing that we are the Holy Spirit’s house, we shouldn’t be surprised if and when He does some spring cleaning. Interestingly, the story of Jesus driving the money changers out of the temple is also the story of His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. While the crowds had just finished hailing Him Hosanna and affirming that He was their King, He rode immediately to the temple — or the Jewish people’s house — and started turning over tables. Though we don’t know what the throngs thought of this commotion, His actions demonstrate the truth that we can’t call Christ our Lord (or boss) if we don’t acknowledge His right to reorganize some things in our lives. Proverbs 3:12 says that “He chastens those He loves,” and while we may not like this thought, it gives us a glimpse into His fatherly heart. Any time we ask Him to be the overseer and caretaker of some aspect of our existence, He’s going to tidy it up at the same time. If we beseech Him for better relationships, he’s going to expose the dirt of selfishness and pride, and it’s on us to let Him do the sweeping. As we continually cooperate by saying “yes” to His Lordship, He faithfully cleans us up and makes us more like Him.

My friend, your Savior and King is also your sanctifier. When you submit your soul to His keeping, He will lead you to attitudes and behaviors that reflect more of His glory and goodness. Though He may ask you to surrender that which keeps you from becoming all He’s called you to be, the sacrifice will be worth the cost, because it will make your life a safe and loving home for the hearts of others.


Jesus, I welcome your divine cleaning in my spiritual house. I trust you as my Lord, my teacher, and my friend.


In what area(s) is the Lord cleaning up your life today? What can you do to cooperate?

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