“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

– Matthew 6:21

As we continue to explore Jesus’ perspective on treasures, I want to pose a question. What kind of heavenly treasures should we store or build up? We could easily compile an extensive list, but I will share just a few. What about manners? Good manners are a heavenly treasure! I remember at 15 years old, I had this radical change in my life when I became a believer. On one occasion, I was rude to my older sister because she took too long in the bathroom getting ready for school. I acknowledged my wrongdoing and told her, “The Bible says love is not rude. I’m sorry.” Then I hugged her. We can always err on the side of good manners!

We add to the list of Godly treasures: confidence, the ability to lead, make crucial decisions, and be calm. Imagination, or the ability to picture what an organization can become or who you can become, is a treasure. One of the greatest riches is wisdom, where you sort through knowledge and choose what you need for your current situation. Critical thinking and asking the right questions will open the right doors. What about the simple element of joy and being a joyful person who can light up a room?

Friend, we could go on and on, but what we must do is frame in our life a list of the kinds of unseen treasures we need now. If you don’t have the unseen treasures, but you have a million dollars, a hundred million dollars won’t matter. But if you begin to build into your life the skills, attitudes, possibilities, and all of the things that make you who you are, then your future will look much brighter! You can trust God to help you build these treasures.


Father, thank you that my future is bright. Help me to trust you to build Godly skills and attitudes in my life.


What Godly treasures do you want to grow? How will these change your life?

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