“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” 

– Hebrews 6:19

I’m a Schuller, so you’re probably not surprised to hear me teach about the power of dreams and possibility, but more than just family tradition, I want you to know that I really do believe in holding on to hope and setting lofty goals. Unfortunately, many people, when faced with trauma, tragedy, or the ongoing effects of physical or mental illness, lose their ability to dream and thereby plunge into a state of despair. According to the dictionary, despair is “a complete loss or absence of hope,” and it affects more people than we realize. Nothing squeezes the life out of our souls like the inability to see beyond our present circumstances. Thankfully, as believers in Jesus Christ, hope is a key ingredient in the mixture of transformational blessings we received when He adopted us into His family. In fact, our Savior is the “Living Hope” and He anchors our lives so that they are firm and secure. This means that no matter how dark things look or how bad we feel, there are good things ahead, even if we can’t see them. 

My friend, don’t let go of your dreams because of how you feel. Emotions are fleeting and the trial you are facing will not last forever. Whatever idea God has planted in your heart, whether starting a business, earning a degree, writing a book, establishing a ministry, or simply taking better care of yourself, do not surrender it to circumstance. When you’re wading through deep water, write down your goals, visualize them, pray over them, and set your mind solely on the One who can bring them to pass. Tend to your soul and allow the Lord to heal, restore, and do more than you can ask for or imagine as you plumb the depths of His love!

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Awaken my soul to dream, Jesus, and lead my thoughts to the things you want to do in and through my life.


What are your hopes and dreams?

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  1. My hopes and dreams are for a World that turns away from hatred and bigotry. And for all religious faiths to come to a better understanding about their differences and beliefs. I hope that there will be no more cancer and other diseases like AIDS. I also hope and pray that people with physical and mental disabilities may come to better understanding that they possess a gift that was given to them from God.I hope and pray that the Hour of Power will continue its mission of reaching out to the lost and lonely with the positive messages of God and his outstretched arms of love.I hope and pray that Pastor Bobby Schuller and his family stay healthy and protect themselves from this Covid 19virus. And also to the congregation of Shepherd’s Grove at Irvine Presbyterian Church warm thoughts and greetings.And to the Hour of Power choir and Orchestra along with the Voices of Hope Children’s
    Choir much thanks and appreciation for the beautiful uplifting music and singing
    As always I remain your faithful viewer and Happy and Wholesome Student in Jesus

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