“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

– Hebrews 11:1

Today is a day of hope, and we need it like never before! Hope is something that sustains us when we’re going through hard times, and it’s the thing that keeps us positive. If we lose hope, we begin to lose our dreams and our confidence. But can I tell you something? Hope is not enough if you’ve been a Christian for a long time; God wants more from you than that. He wants faith. He wants you to have hope, but He wants it realized in knowledge and action, which is precisely what faith is.

I have a message entitled, “Hope is for Noobs.” Do you know what a noob is? It’s a noobie, novice, or rookie. Hope is for people who are new to faith or have an excuse not to trust God. Hope is for people who have not studied the Word of God or for people who think, “Maybe I’ll give Christianity a try.” But if you’ve been a believer for years, and you can say, “When I was in that dark place, God answered my prayer,” or “When I was having a difficult time, God brought me through it,” God expects more than hope from you. He expects some faith, and for you to sincerely trust that He is good. He’ll see you through it, and He’ll do what He said He would do.

Friend, to have faith means to take action, which means actual practical moves in the direction of the Godly hope in your heart. If you’ve seen God move in your life, you know it was more than hope that got you there. Today it’s time to believe, and your belief is measured by what you do, not what you claim to believe is true!


Father, help me to add faith to my hope. I trust that You are a good God!


How have you seen God move in your life? How has this impacted your faith?

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