Hour of Power Choir to Tour Around Netherlands!


The Hour of Power Choir has been a staple of this ministry since long before the television program, Hour of Power, was even an idea! They used to perform on the snack shack of the old drive-in church and grew just as our ministry did. Over the years, their powerful anthems, harmonious hymns, and incredible direction have led them to become a world-renowned choir. They are embarking on their Beloved tour this Thursday, June 21st, and will perform in some of the most beautiful locations in the Netherlands during their 9-day tour. During their visit, they will take in many of the sights and sounds of Amsterdam will be performing impromptu concerts around the city and in stunning churches like the Roayl Grote Kerk in Apeldoorn, the Basiliek in Veenendaal, and a sold-out show at the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft.

We’re so excited for our choir! It should be a fantastic trip, and we’re excited for them to visit our  Hour of Power family in Holland.

AND, we will be able to follow along with their travels! Check back right here on our Hour of Power blog,  and on our Facebook and Instagram for fun behind-the-scenes footage, photos, and interviews from our beloved Hour of Power Choir Conductor herself, Dr. Irene Messalores.

We can’t wait to live vicariously through our choir as they travel around the Netherlands, and we hope you’ll join us!