Hour of Power CARES – A New Initiative

In the decades since Dr. Robert H. Schuller began sharing  Hour of Power with the world, we have seen some pretty incredible things. Lives have been transformed by the healing power of God’s message of love and dignity!

We have continued in that proud tradition, and our positive thinking has led us to this next wonderful, inspired effort: Hour of Power Cares.

As Bobby Schuller now so often says, we are called to affect the “fifteen feet of space around us,” positively impacting the lives of those we encounter. As an international ministry, reaching millions every week, our proverbial “fifteen feet” stretches to all corners of the globe! With Hour of Power Cares, we look to provide love and dignity by supplying for needs, both spiritual and practical, in our own backyard of Orange County, CA, and across many nations and peoples.

Of course, we have many efforts already underway, like our community-centric Monday Meals program, serving the immediate nutrition needs of those near Shepherd’s Grove. The advent of this new initiative will redouble the good works already in place and will look to support new, exciting commissions.

Inspired by a recent call and visit to Africa, Hour of Power staff member Amber Rodriguez will be returning to the country in just over a week’s time, with the full support of this new program. She will be joined by fellow staff member Megan Ewbank, as they travel to visit the Luo tribe in Kenya, looking to follow God’s call to bless and love.

Wanting to fulfill an immediate need of that community, and as a way to thank their gracious hosts, they have requested support in raising funds for shoes and basic necessities to share with the Luo people. This is a tangible and powerful way to bless the people they visit, and we would like to offer the opportunity to support Amber, Megan, and Hour of Power Cares in this effort.

Please visit our donation page here,  and consider blessing these people physically, as our emissaries seek to bless spiritually as well.

As always, God loves you, and through Hour of Power Cares, we will show how we do, as well!


Be sure to visit the Hour of Power blog in the coming weeks, for updates on Amber and Megan’s trip, and more from Hour of Power Cares.