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Hour of Power Cares About Kenya

By Megan Ewbank 

Over the past few months, Our Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller team has been meeting, planning, and dreaming as we were seeking God’s call on how to further reach people … not only on the air but on the ground, as well! We are calling this initiative Hour of Power Cares, and we’re really excited about it.

We are working to aid and encourage our own community in Orange County, but since we’re a global ministry as well, we wanted to do something on a global scale. And through much divine connection, we felt strongly that God was leading us to Kenya. 

With a little trepidation and a lot of joy,  a member of our awesome staff,  Amber, and myself, embarked on a long journey to Africa. We spent two weeks in July meeting and getting to know our brothers and sisters in Christ all over Kenya.

First, we started in the urban area of Nairobi, where we were hosted by an awesome missionary and former Hour of Power employee, Joanna Kelley.  While we were there, we were able to meet with a couple ministries doing awesome work, One Hope and New Life Homes Trust. We learned so much about how God is moving in Kenya. One Hope’s mission is to share the Gospel with every child in the world, and New Life Homes Trust takes care of orphaned babies and either reunites them with relatives or finds loving parents to adopt them. We met with leaders of these ministries and immediately felt like family. 

Next, we traveled 8 hours west by bus and spent a week in the agricultural area of Migori, Kenya.

In Migori, Amber and I were hosted by Bishops Dr. and Mrs. Jobando whom our ministry is deeply connected to — their daughter is studying in the U.S. and is a part of our church family here at Shepherd’s Grove!

The Bishops are having a huge impact on their community in Migori. They have planted numerous churches and disciple many in their village. On top of that, they’ve built a children’s home where they care for 32 orphans, a widow’s center housing 18 widows, and they financially support 70 additional orphans living with family or friends in their community.

We were able to meet the kids, give them school shoes and t-shirts, and play games with them. Their joy was palpable and infectious — and it was all because of Jesus. Their faces have been etched on our hearts and we pray for them daily. 

We know that we would love to support all of the Kingdom work happening in Kenya. We are praying and seeking God to show us exactly how He wants us “to go and make disciples of all nations.” Stayed tuned; good things are coming!

4 thoughts on “Hour of Power Cares About Kenya

  1. Carol Geary says:

    Rev Dunston Sampson as guest. Previously on staff at Crystal Cathedral

    1. Joe Bosch says:

      I remember the Rev Dunston Sampson from the Crystal Cathedral. His sermons were most enlightening! I lost track when I moved to Wisconsin and would very much like to re-connect, if he is interested? Please check if you happen to know where he is and see if he’s interested. I heard that Robert’s grandson has taken up where his grandfather left off. I was very active before and have remained interested in what’s going on.’


  2. Alexandria Wilson a member of Sheperds Grove says:

    These are lovely pictures. Brought back memories for me. I am sorry megan and amber did not mention staying at my daughters home Nairobi . Joanna
    Kelley she is a missionary from our church and has been there for 9 years
    was with the jobondos and the orphanage and widows in June and they are doing a wonderful work .

    1. Megan Ewbank says:

      Hi, Alex!

      So sorry about missing that extremely important detail. Added it in now. 🙂 We are super grateful for both of you, and it was an honor to meet, spend time with, and stay with Joanna! She’s amazing!

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