Hour of Power Choir Tour: The Conclusion!

Our Hour of Power Choir is back in America, safe and sound. From what we’ve heard, they had a great time! We wanted to share some more incredible moments from their adventures and performances. On Monday, June 25th, they toured the city of Arnhem and enjoyed some delicious crepes with some of our Hour of Power Netherlands staff before heading to the Royal Grote Kerk in Apeldoorn for their first concert.

Choir member, Joslyn, shares her thoughts on their trip to the Netherlands on day 5 and what she was most excited for during their first concert.


Following their adventures in Arnhem, they traveled to Apeldoorn to prepare for their first concert, which was held at the Royal Grote Kerk, a beautiful church! Abdiel Gonzalez shared his thoughts before they performed in the incredible venue.


We received a video of our beloved choir performing during this breathtaking evening. Here is a clip of their performance of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.”


Todd Strange shares about the wonderful hospitality from our friends in the Netherlands, and the warm words of love and support from our ministry partners on the other side of the world.


Just before their final concert in Delft, Sarah Grandpre shares about the rest of the trip, and the wonderful community of people that Hour of Power reaches and that they had the chance to meet.


The Hour of Power Choir has returned from their travels, and to recap how the trip went, who better to share the experience than Dr. Irene Messoloras.


We hope you enjoyed a behind-the-scenes look at the Hour of Power Choir Beloved Tour to the Netherlands. Thank you for following along!