“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.”

– 2 Timothy 1:7

You’re not easily broken! The enemy’s primary goal in your life is to keep you comfortable. Don’t get me wrong: relaxation and decent food are important, but you must understand that it is the trials and tribulations of life that make you more like Jesus. “Fire feeds on difficulties,” as Marcus Aurelius famously stated, and so does a believer!

Let’s say you buy a box of fine champagne glasses to send across the nation to a friend. I guarantee that when you package them, you’ll take extra precautions to ensure that they don’t break during shipping. You will probably place them in a box, perhaps surrounded by bubble wrap and some styrofoam popcorn, and then tape it up. After that, you’ll make sure the box is labeled “fragile” on the outside so that postal and freight personnel know to handle it with caution. That’s because the word fragile, when printed on a box, conveys a lot of things, including that the contents are valuable to you, may be pricey, and are delicate. If the package is placed at the bottom of a stack or is bumped in the wrong direction, all of the contents may break and become worthless. Fragile items are frequently valued, but their fragility exposes them to the risk of being quickly damaged. This is why being anti-fragile is so important!

Contrary to popular belief, the opposite of fragile isn’t something tough or durable like a bowling ball; it’s just neutral. The opposite of fragile is anti-fragile, which is defined as a state in which something improves despite being beaten up and tossed around. To continue our example, an anti-fragile champagne glass would be one that might break into a hundred pieces but would miraculously reassemble itself, multiply into more glasses, and become even more expensive. When something anti-fragile is beaten up, it doesn’t just stay the same; it improves!

Friend, you are anti-fragile because you are in Jesus. You are of immense worth to Him, and as He moves you from glory to glory, your effect in His Kingdom multiplies, even if you get beaten up along the way. He will strengthen and reinforce you in ways you could never have dreamed when you step out of the box and lose your protective layers, and you will do incredible things in His name!


Jesus, thank you for making me anti-fragile in you. Support me in stepping out of my box and gladly walking into the fire, knowing that it will strengthen me.


Which layers of protection must you remove to become anti-fragile? How may Jesus be of use to you?

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