“She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”

– Proverbs 31:27

It has been said that there are 25 failures for every victory, and those failures are a part of growing and becoming a better version of yourself. Failure is an important part of winning, and these short-term failures are always going to be a part of God’s long-term plan for you. Here is something else we have to learn to deal with: Boredom. Not only do we need to handle failure, but we also need to embrace boredom. Because when we do, it can be a huge advantage for us. 

When you think about being bored, an Olympic athlete probably wouldn’t cross your mind. James Clear, the author of “Atomic Habits,” interviewed an Olympic coach. The coach said he gets all the greatest athletes, and almost all of them come to him with about the same natural talent. James then asked what’s the difference between the athletes who make it to the Olympics versus the ones who don’t. I was so surprised by his answer: A true Olympian will be able to handle the boredom of training. What happens if you become an expert at something you weren’t great at before? Most likely you’ve spent thousands of hours on it, and now it’s boring. You have to be comfortable with that boring space to hit the next highest level. 

Friend, maybe some of you are getting bored because you’re getting so good at what you do. You have to get past the lack of entertainment and enticement to get to the meat and potatoes. No matter what we desire to accomplish, God can redirect our attention and our actions toward success. The Lord says if you draw near to Him, He will also draw near to you. Begin taking action and see what God can do. You will be encouraged!


Father, help me push past boredom to the next level of accomplishment I am capable of.


Have you ever felt the need to refocus on your goals?

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  1. I focus too much on unimportant things, such as fooling around with my I -pad and word games, And not riding my stationary bike every day.There is still time for me to really buckle down and work out.But I have to put my heart, mind, and soul into it.I still want to achieve a healthy weight for my body type, and also lessen the chances of getting cancer, covid -19 diabetes. heart disease and high blood pressure.I hope and pray that the Hour of Power will continue its mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to more hurting people around the world.To all at Shepherd’s Grove at Irvine Presbyterian Church sending messages of blessings, love and peace.To the Schuller family,I pray that God will bless them with good health.To the Hour of Power Choir and
    Orchestra and their conductors messages of appreciation and thanks for the uplifting music and glorious singing.As always.I remain a faithful viewer, and Happy and Wholesome student in Jesus Christ.May God bless the United States of America

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