“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

– 2 Timothy 4:7

We should all aspire to fight the good fight and finish our race well, but in perilous times, many of us wonder how it’s possible. That said, I believe it bears stating that one of the foundational principles of the Christian faith is the manner in which we undertake our battles. Over the past few days, we’ve seen that the world’s system is brutal and beastly and that there is just One who has overcome it. The Son of Man ascended into Heaven and took authority over all the kingdoms of the earth, but he did it after He was bitten and smitten. In fact, He permitted Himself to be wounded by the devil — even to the point of physical death — so He could crush his head once and for all. By allowing His flesh to be bruised and beaten, He gave us a powerful example of how to “fight” in this world. Rather than slinging physical and verbal swords and defensively guarding our position, we can let our “heel” be hurt for a bigger cause, just like He did. Knowing that our place in His Kingdom is secure, we’re free to lose an argument in order to win the greater war — the one that rages for the destiny of every eternal soul. While we should hold unswervingly to our convictions, we don’t want to beat anyone over the head, lest our witness be discredited and the goodness of our Savior be eclipsed.

My friend, you are called to speak truth in love, but never tear someone down for the sake of making a point. Don’t be shocked to see the world fighting as it does, but refuse to enter into fleshly battles as a believer. Always let civility, reason, and dignity reign in your encounters with people, and affirm in them the same God-given value He’s ascribed to you. Stand firm in your beliefs and convey them as clearly as you can, but surrender your need to win at all costs, and allow yourself to be bruised for the sake of expanding the Kingdom of Heaven!


Jesus, help me to represent you well in my encounters with others, and soften my heart so I’m willing to lose a battle for the sake of winning a spiritual war.


Do you fight like the world or like Jesus?

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