“He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.”

– Psalm 25:9

Can I make you a promise today? Your life will be better and you’ll be more successful in general if you’re not trapped by the opinions of other people. Instead, let’s learn to rise above what others are saying and connect with the goodness of God. Being humble is honestly a superpower that’s being lost today. With so much false humility in society these days, it’s becoming increasingly extraordinary to be truly humble. I respect those who have genuinely trained themselves to stop focusing on the cares of this world. These are individuals who chose to become the kind of people who encourage others, and can rejoice with people when they rejoice. 

There are many situations and circumstances in which we can feel offended and hurt. When you’re not invited to an event and “everybody else” is, you must humbly let go of that hurt. Yes, it is hurtful when something like this happens. Understandably, there are times in all of our lives where we have done things that we regret. We’ve all sinned and done things we’re not proud of — and may even be downright ashamed over — but God forgave us for all of that. There’s no reason now that we should become egotistical. We can choose to love people today. Amen?

Friend, this is the life hack, that what goes around actually comes around. If you invest in people, others will invest in you. You will immediately feel encouraged and lifted up if you lift people up. By putting goodness out into the world around you, goodwill will come into your life. By exercising the superpower of humility, God will pour His mercy into your life.


Father, help me to exercise the superpower of humility. Show me how to release the cares of this world.


In what ways are you investing in other people? Who do you choose to show God’s love to today?

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