You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.

Psalm 77:14

I believe in science, and I consider myself an academic person, but I’ve seen God break the rules — and it’s so cool when He does. I have seen many miracles in my life, and many of you have too. They are testimonies to the resurrection, not only that Jesus was raised from the dead, but that He will resurrect this world and bring it back to life. He wants us to be a hopeful people that believe in miracles.


God, thank you for miracles. Thank you for the miracles that you performed when you lived on this Earth, and thank you for the miracles you still perform today.


Have you witnessed a miracle?

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  1. Last month my older son was driving on the Fifteen Freeway with all the steep ups and down and big trucks, He saw the woman in the lane next to him open the window and begin to light a cigarette, then he saw her kitten jump out the window into the fast moving traffic. My son swerved to avoid her as she stopped and jumped out and frantically attempted to get that kitten. The miracles? The big rig behind her did not hit her because she managed to scoop up that kitten, get back in and start driving before the truck hit. He saw the face of the truck driver, and when he got home, he told me, you know Mom, God was on that freeway today. Another Miracle.. my son is generally quiet and to himself in his gratitude to God. AND my son is a miracle, thanks to God and the City of Hope, and Dr. R. Krantz MD he lived through bone and blood cancer at age 16. Only two doctors in the world were treating it and one had JUST come to City of Hope with research. Today, my son will be fifty in two months, is cancer free, and that time of cancer is preventable, and also curable thanks to that research.

    1. So miraculous! Thanks for sharing your story .

      Similar but different is while traveling from the throes and potential dangers of the upcoming hurricane Irma this past fall, we were driving at a snails pace off and in, when suddenly the car ahead of us, stopped, driver got out of her car and directed all cars behind and beside us in the other lane to Stop!! While a mother bird and her babies were gently but lovingly allowed to cross the freeway ! God was everywhere evacuating people and fowl alike ,

  2. God is always in control of every situation. He can be trusted at all times, no matter the situation we are in. To Him be glory and honor.

  3. Yes I do believe in miracles . And it is true because of what happened to me . Linda and I decided to go to Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest Florida for Friday Night Shabat Services and we all gathered in the greeting hall for some delicious noshes and beverages . She saw Rabbi Terry Brookman walk by and asked him if he would bless me . So the three of us went into the chapel and he put his hands on my head and said a blessing in Hebrew . And right then and there I was witnessing a miraculous healing through his hands . I continually give thanks to God for all he has given me . I am proud to say that I am still cancer free . And hope to remain so for many more years to come . Praise God for that . I want to wish all at Shepherd’s Grove Hour of Power a most Blessed and Glorious Happy Easter. As always I remain your Happy and Wholesome Student in Jesus Christ .

  4. I believe in miracles very much. My husband 37 years ago was in a serious semi-trailer accident (fully loaded) and should have been dead, but God had another purpose for him. He is fully recovered and is able to walk just by believing he would be healed . My husband and me enjoy praying for others and have heard wonderful stories of their healing also. The Easter season represents to us Jesus love and miracles I wish all at Shepherd’s Grove Hour of Power a most Blessed Easter.

  5. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was going along fine until, all of a sudden, I had a very intense, persistent fear that she would be born with spina bifida. I was not a praying person at the time, but I started praying and praying for her healing. She was born on April 9, 1983, beautiful and healthy. I forgot about the whole thing until she had a urinary tract infection for some reason at 5 years. The urologist we saw took an x-ray and prescribed antibiotics. Before we left, he asked me to come back to his office a moment. He held up the x-ray of my daughter’s back to a window and pointed to a spot on her spine. He said, “I just wanted to show you this. You dodged a bullet. This is spina bifida occulta. It closed up before she was born.” I was so floored I couldn’t say anything. God had made a way to let me know that he’d answered my prayers and healed my daughter in utero! Later, he led me into healing ministry.

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