If It’s Great, It’s Worth the Wait

“But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”

– Romans 8:25

When my daughter Haven started school, she loved it, but then some things happened and she got discouraged. As I would drive her to class in the morning, we started a tradition of encouraging each other with sayings, and we had a list of affirmations we would recite back and forth. For example, I would say, “We’re going to be,” and she’d say, “Positive!” Or I’d say, “Because knowledge is” and she’d say, “Power!” We would go on and repeat things like, “Because leaders are… readers!” or “If you can dream it…you can do it.” And then we’d say, “Honor Jesus with your life!” and we’d get all excited. But the last one we always affirmed, and this is one she invented, was, “If it’s great, it’s worth the wait!” Isn’t that a wonderful thing to remember? As Christians, it’s easy to become frustrated when we’ve poured ourselves into something or someone and we don’t see the results or fruit we are expecting. However, God is not in a hurry, and the more we train ourselves to remember this aspect of His nature, the less stressful our lives become. 

Friend, anything on your journey worth having is worth waiting for, and the key to maintaining peace is to remember that God is a God of process. Your Redeemer is faithful, and there isn’t a season or circumstance in which He isn’t working behind the scenes to bring forth the best possible outcomes in your life. The bigger the dream, goal, or accomplishment, the more your soul will be tested as you await its fulfillment. No matter how hard it gets, stick with it, keep moving forward, and trust your friend Jesus to bring it to pass in His perfect time. 


Jesus, I believe that anything great in my life is worth the wait, so I affirm my trust in your timing.


What are you waiting on God for right now? What promises can you meditate on as you hold fast?

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