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“So the three mighty warriors broke through the Philistine lines, drew water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem and carried it back to David.”

– 2 Samuel 23:16

King David, while sheltered in the cave of Adullum, was desperate for some clean water, but leaving his hideout meant risking his life and sending someone else meant risking theirs. Since he gave no orders, his top three warriors decided to take matters into their own hands. Though it required walking through the Philistine camp that surrounded the town of Bethlehem, they left the cave and headed out to get their general some H2O… and he had no idea. The king’s commanders put their lives on the line and faced the possibility of a brutal attack by the enemy for the sake of bringing him a drink. So fiercely loyal were they to their leader, and so respected was he in their ranks, that they were willing to risk it all for his sake. When they returned to the cave — bloodied, bruised, and dirty — they handed him a drink of clean water, which presented yet another occasion for David to show his character as a true man of God (but more about this tomorrow).

Genuine servant leadership inspires radical acts of sacrifice, my friend. Since David forfeited his own comfort for the sake of his troops, they responded in kind. His fiercely loyal comrades were willing to put themselves at risk because they were inspired by his example. Likewise, when you consistently place the needs of those you lead above your own comfort and personal gain, you bring out the best in them, often evoking a courage within that they didn’t know they had. Whether with your team at work, your family, your ministry, or your class, getting in the trenches and laboring shoulder-to-shoulder will strengthen your character and solidify theirs!


Jesus, cultivate in me the character to put others first and the humility to sacrifice for the sake of those who lead me.


What do you learn about leadership from the story of David’s three warriors?

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2 Responses

  1. This is a great way to show leadership when you step out of your comfort zone to help others even if you have to take the rif.your helping someone to keep their faith and build their confidence that God is there,helping them.

  2. Before reading your message, I was “searching” for a news story I saw last week about the trouble on the Syrian border. The story included a mother with several children, two of which had special needs, living in horrible conditions while being bombed. She, understandably, was so distraught , but so brave and caring. I cannot get her out of my mind. I realize that the Syrian conflict is very complicated, but this poor mother was only concerned with the safety of her children. I can relate since I have a 51-year-old, autistic, non-verbal daughter. She, like this mom’s sons, is oblivious to political situations. These children are totally innocent. During my searching, I was unable to find the story. I wish I could find her and that there would be something I could do, in addition to prayer, to help this hurting family.

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