Inspirational Leadership

“The people of Judah came together to seek help from the Lord; indeed, they came from every town in Judah to seek him.”

– 2 Chronicles 20:4

When Jehoshaphat heard that three enemy nations were coming against Judah, he didn’t strive and struggle to come up with a plan — He simply looked to the Lord. In fact, he asked the people to pray with him, and their response to his summons was overwhelming. After they heard the voice of their leader, citizens began pouring into Jerusalem from every town in the region, and when they gathered at the temple in fasting and worship, their solidarity was met with divine intervention. Though we’ll talk more about how God showed up in their midst tomorrow, first, I think it’s important to examine the manner in which the crowd responded to their king’s request. Though he had recently lost an important battle, there was something about Jehoshaphat that endeared him to those he led. It seems they were touched by his submission to a higher authority, and clearly, his transparency and authenticity inspired. Knowing this, we’re wise to learn from his story what it is that motivates people to come together. Much more than rousing speeches or solid action plans, it’s the state of the heart that makes a difference. When we understand that the motives of a leader are pure, we’re more likely to respond in support and favor.

My friend, if the Lord has entrusted to you the responsibility of leading others, strive to do it well. Inspire those in your charge — not by attending lots of seminars or reading lots of books (though those are good things to do) — but by putting God first. Let your followers see your deep love for Jesus, and welcome them to look behind the curtain of your life and witness your humanity. Be open, honest, humble, and transparent, and you’ll be amazed by how much influence you’ll gain!


Jesus, as I grow in my walk with you, help me to become an authentic and inspirational leader to others.


Are there leaders in your life who inspire you? What is it about them that draws you, and how might you become more like them?

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  1. I see that in you. An insincere leader is easy for me to spot.
    You’vee kept me with you for several years by television. I thank God for you, your church’s members, and my distant part in your service.

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