“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

– 1 Peter 4:8

Yesterday, we talked about how bonding deeply with those around you can transform their lives. Today, I want to remind and encourage you that you won’t be able to do that authentically until you yourself have internalized love; until you know in your deepest part that you are worthy of God’s acceptance in the Beloved.

I remember on old pastor from L.A., who was a magnificent Bible teacher, but he was as mean as the day is long. Every time he got up to speak, he told people they were horrible and that they were going to hell. I recall talking to one of his colleagues once and I asked him what the deal was; why was this guy so angry? I’ll never forget his answer. He shared with me that when he was a boy, this pastor’s Dad was really strict. One night, we was so angry with him that he took him outside, chained him to a tree, and put a sign around his neck that said “worthless,” and left him there overnight to punish him. That’s when I began to understand that every time this man got up in front of people and told them they were worthless, he was saying it a thousand times more to himself. He had internalized a lie from the enemy when he was young, and it had devastating consequences. The truth is God loves that old man, just like He loves you and me.

When you live from a place of isolation that says my sins are worse than everyone else’s, you cannot be a naturally healing presence to others. However, when you choose to become vulnerable in relationship and believe what the Bible says about you, you internalize love, and compassion starts to spill over to those in your life. It happens naturally and effortlessly. When you are a healed person, you can offer healing to others and that’s wonderful news!


Jesus, thank you for opening up my heart and enabling me to internalize your love and acceptance in the deepest parts of me.


Have you internalized the love of Jesus? If not, do you understand why?

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