Interview Guest: Mike McHargue

On this Sunday’s (3/11) Hour of Power, we are delighted to welcome Mike McHargue as our interview guest!

Mike McHargue (pronounced Mc”Harg”) is a speaker, author, and host of “The Liturgists” and “Ask Science Mike” podcasts. Mike grew up in the Southern Baptist denomination of Protestant Christianity. During his childhood, he didn’t have many friends, if any at all. Often bullied by the other kids, Mike found a friend in Jesus Christ. Trusting in Jesus and God, Mike threw himself into the teachings of the church, devoting himself to the Lord. It wasn’t until much later in life, in the midst of his parent’s divorce, that Mike lost his faith.

After working for years with the church as an atheist, Mike acknowledged his doubts to everyone in a room full of his peers, and realized that he was not the only one who doubted his faith. After a spiritual experience at the beach, where he witnessed a “bright, white light,’ Mike once again found his God. In returning to the Lord, Mike sought to help bridge the gap for those struggling with their beliefs using a unique view that embraces both the Bible and science. He now frequently speaks to sold-out audiences across the world. His book, Finding God in the Waves, chronicles his journey away from God and back again.