Interview Guest: Sean Kappauf


We are thrilled to have Sean Kappauf as our guest on the show this weekend! Sean is a teaching pastor at Capo Beach Church in Dana Point, California. His servant’s heart has found him serving locally and globally for a majority of his life.

In 2013, he found a new mission after a humanitarian trip to a small village in El Salvador: to provide fresh water filters to the men, women, and children suffering from a lack of clean drinking water. He has a passion for helping suffering children who cannot help themselves, which inspired him to do more. Since then, Sean founded One ATTA Time, a nonprofit organization that provides filters capable of purifying 500 gallons of water a day to communities in El Salvador, Vietnam, Uganda, and the areas of Texas and Puerto Rico affected by hurricanes. Through One ATTA Time, they aim to: Advocate, Teach, Transform, and Advance, and use these tools to bring help to children globally.

For more information on Sean’s organization, visit

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